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Thread: 2C-T-2 - First Time - A comparison of 2C-T2, 2C-T-7, and 2C-I

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    2C-T-2 - First Time - A comparison of 2C-T2, 2C-T-7, and 2C-I 
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    It was Saturday and I woke up early, after a late evening out, for breakfast with my old lady friends as I do each weekend. Upon arriving back home, around noon, I saw that my roommate J was out for the evening and M had already been up and about too. He spent the morning with our very spiritual, although somewhat paranoid schizophrenic, friend; he is one of those types who regales us with stories of hitchhiking across the desert, tripping on mescaline, back in his glory days of late nineteen-sixties. Being in his presence is pretty intense, and M was full of his energy that morning. Although we had not planned on tripping, it was a beautiful afternoon – it was warm and the sun was shining - so what better to do than walk about our little mountain town on a mild dose of the brand new 2C-T-2 that we had just been surprised with?
    This was my first encounter with 2C-T-2, although I am familiar with both 2C-T-7 and 2C-I, each of which provides a very different and unique experience. For me, 2C-T-7 has been extraordinarily visual, and most electric in its display of colors and lights. I have only taken this one twice, and both times I vomited profusely. On the other hand, although 2C-I is less visual, it is quite spectacular in its own right and for me has been much more introspective. I can easily wander about town on mild dose, and most notably, this particular 2C doesn’t cause any nausea for me so long as I eat lightly or fast. Both of these substances have provided warm inner feelings of oneness with my environment, but the differences are so subtle that they are a bit difficult to describe. I was especially eager to see what 2C-T-2 was going to offer.
    Although M had tried it twice before, I knew very little about 2C-T-2 and was not nearly as prepared, educated that is, about what I might expect. Personally, I always recommend knowing a fair amount about something before putting it into the body. However, in this case I was excited about trying something new that would not be biased with expectation. Whether we like it or not, previous knowledge tends to creep in and may unduly influence the direction of the journey. So it was nice to be a bit na´ve in such trusted company.
    We each took a 16mg capsule at 1:30. I hadn’t eaten much today, just a piece of toast and a glass of juice, although I had a couple of margaritas the evening before. My stomach was already feeling a bit strange from the alcohol, and the 2C-T-2 definitely didn’t help. Approximately 30 minutes after ingestion, I felt like I needed to vomit. Because I have such an aversion to vomiting, my mind often interferes with my ability to get the job done, but finally after about 30 minutes of trying I threw up enough to make myself feel mostly better. M had no problems; he fasted all day but drank a lot of water. Physically, both of us were feeling fairly well so we decided to go for our walk.
    The walk was delightful, despite the fact that I wasn’t feeling quite up to par. I still had an upset stomach, like at any moment things could go awry, but only 1 hour after ingestion I was already beginning to peak from this material. Initially I experienced feelings of inner warmth, but slowly the atmosphere grew increasingly brilliant and began to really sparkle. The trees seemed to be alive; leaves blowing in the wind deceived me into believing they were birds. Colors were lavishly rich and bright, much more so than with 2C-I, and I had a wonderful appreciation of nature and the town in which I live. I see the mountains every day, and I’ve seen the mountains countless times while in an altered state of mind, but 2C-T-2 made the mountains more beautiful than I had ever seen them. Once we made it to the base of the foothills, we sat by the mountain creek listening to the flowing water and watching it run over our feet. All sensory information derived from the world around me was transformed such that my surroundings became fantasy-like and dreamy – almost cartoon-like.
    For me, 2C-T-2 was similar to 2C-I in that it was remarkably introspective, although I really enjoyed simply letting my mind go clear as to relish in pure existence. In addition, like 2C-I, 2C-T-2 was very mentally clear and non-intrusive, but produced the beautiful spectrum of color and extravagant visuals that I typically associate with 2C-T-7. In fact, in many ways I felt that 2C-T-2 seemed to mimic certain qualities that I find with both 2C-T-7 and 2C-I, but didn’t really offer anything unique.
    I suppose at the peak, I reached a +2, maybe even a +2.5, on the Shulgin scale. Strangely enough, my eyes never dilated, and my eyes always dilate quite a bit, and neither did M’s. During the peak, which lasted approximately 2 hours, my motor abilities were slightly impaired and I found it difficult to walk, as my coordination was poor. Despite the fact that I had an absolutely lovely experience, minus the body load, there is little motivation for me to return to this one, especially with things like 2C-T-7 and 2C-I around.

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    I love reading your reports Erica, they are a treat.
    I was very interested to read this report as 2ct2 is a chemical I am planning on trying in the very near future. I noticed how you compared it to both 2ct7 and 2ci. 2ci which I have tried and loved, and 2ct7 which I had not had the oppurtunity to.
    After reading your report I am more eager to try 2ct2. Thank you for providing me with your account.
    Excellent job, and Ill keep you informed on my 2ct2 usage.

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    Excellent report! I have always wondered the differences between them from the users perspective, and I found this to be very informative and well written.

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    Great information.
    Keep up the good work

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    Excellent report, extremely well-written and detailed.

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    Thank you

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    I tried 2C-T-2 several times before 2C-T-7 was available. I have to say, I was greatly disappointed with 2C-T-7 when it hit the market. Some people had hyped up the 7 as being superior, but in my experience, this is absolutely untrue. The 2 produces more of an insightful state thant the 7. Both are visual, but I found the 2 more visual than the 7. While the 2 sometimes produces nausea, I found it to be easier on the body than the 7... the 7 tends to produce disturbing effects like headaches and tremors.
    Screw 2C-T-7.

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    I say screw the 2C-T-2.
    Having tried it 3 times now, I can definitely now say I find the trip to be inferior to that of 2C-T-7. And I’ve had it in a variety of dosages…20 mg, 30 mg, and last week at 16 mg, to get a good idea of its effects and what it is capable of. I like the headspace of T2, because it does remind me of 2C-I, but I'd rather then just take 2C-I and not throw up to get there.
    T7 though, to me, produces this state of all-encompassing serenity and beauty that T2 doesn't quite have. It’s there, but just barely. Also, I find T7 WAY more visual than T2. In addition, I don't get any of the strong cathartic, emotional release with 2C-T-2 that I get with the T7, and that's what I think T7's most magical property is.
    It's kind of a silly argument though. One isn't really better than the other, because I see it as more a matter of personal taste. It really comes down to what you like in a trip. They seem to effect people differently. I find T7 way more visual than T2, and you report the opposite. If you reacted to 2C-T-7 exactly the way I do, then you would like it better.
    I have to agree with Erica…with T7 and 2C-I around, I don’t have any motivation to return to 2C-T-2.
    It just occurs to me that the US has been going about the war with Islamic Fundamentalists all wrong.

    Think of all the wasted lives, the wasted families. When they could have gotten them to blow themselves up by just wearing t-shirts with drawings of Mohammad on them.

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    I don't really think its completely an issue of opinion to say that 2C-T-2 is a better drug. A few wackos may find 2C-T-7 more enjoyable, but 2C-T-7 has a worse safety record... and based on the limited statistics availab,e 2C-T-2 is less likely to produce undesirable side effects. Individual responses may vary, but overall, 2C-T-2 is the superior substance.
    [ 04 August 2002: Message edited by: Murple ]

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    I'm fairly certain that the ONLY reason T-7 is considered more dangerous than T-2 is because it became WAY more popular and widespread - it's a matter of probabilities: you have heaps of people using T-7 and very few using T-2. I very much doubt that T-2 is an intrinsically "safer" chemical than T-7. You rail 35mg of T-2 at once and you're gonna have a BIG PROBLEM on your hands!
    Per the qualitative comparrisson, T-2 I'd consider my fav, then T-7, and 2C-I a far distant third, tho that's just if I had to pick (I don't like saying one chems "superior" to another because they're all tools that can shine when used for various purposes and in certain contexts)
    Dunno how this is for others but I've found something unusual with T-7 and T-2: T-2 seems much more potent when taken orally, but T-7 seems more potent when snorted.
    It may be that many of the people who say T-2 isn't the cat's meow haven't taken a high enough dose. For me this would mean 40-50mg or so orally or 20mg or so insuff'd...
    T-2, at high doses, is IMO completely fascinating, both in terms of the sensory effects, and in terms of the "mind" effects. It's IMO the "smarter" of the two while T-7 has more of a simpler, surfacey, stoning effect...
    T-2 is to me the more "challenging" and "heavy" of the two...
    2C-I feels to me like the PEA version of 5-MeO-DiPT(minus the body load). You just can't get off too far on it, and taking doses above 25mg or so seems an overlaod, with little increase in the psychedelia. It's very very "light", and is nice for recreation but at least for me hasn't shown to be much more than that... Do love the smooth come-up tho I'll say that...
    I find snorting either T-7 or T-2 to be more desirable and "safer". This because, when bumped 3mg or so at a time every 15 minutes, one can slowly ease into however intense a psychedelic state they want to achieve.
    Where people screw up is by snorting 15+mg all at once...

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    > you have heaps of people using T-7 and very few
    > using T-2.
    Actually, that's really only true in the US. If you look at Europe, T2 has a much longer history of use and it was VERY widespread when the pills were being marketed by various companies. It wouldn't surprise me at all if T2 had been used by more people than T7.

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    Thumbs up
    Great report!
    I can't make any comparisons because I am only familiar with 2C-T-7. It was very nice, but using 2C-T-7 five times over twelve months was enough for me. Moderation and all that.

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    I had way more side effects from 2C-T-2 than even 5-meo-dipt..I tried it a couple times, at most, 18mg, and that had me shaking so bad, my hands and feet were freezing, some minor nausea, yuck... (yeah, it did have some cool visuals though). I got rid of that stuff.
    I haven't tried 2C-T-7, but I thought 2C-I was the most "smooth" on the body than all of the research chem's i've tried. Visuals didn't get too intense, but very nice smooth trip, and very small possibility for a "bad-trip" (for the average person, i would think). Mind is mostly clear through the trip. Too bad I can't get this chem anymore

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