Thread: Did you get fucked up at fifteen? . . . ( not really a roll call )

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    I started at 11 too with drinking then by 12 I was smoking pot and by 13 I was taking Xanax and pain pills. Early 14s, could of even been late 13s, I was physically dependent on opiates. At 18 I found heroin.
    Im 23 now. I'm at like a month and a half clean right now. This is the longest I have gone without ANY opiate since I was 13/14.
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    Man I feel light suck a pussy right now, only thing I was "getting high" from was sugar at that age. Well, sugar and puberty related hormones
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    When I was 12 I took my first hit from a joint, of course I started smoking heavily when I was 13 so I don't remember if I even felt anything the first time.

    I've been smoking pot since then, so it's been a good amount of years. When I was 15 my boyfriend got me into DXM, I had never heard of it before and had wanted to try it, I tripped about ten times before my 16th birthday. I was also drinking at that age, not often, but I did have quite a few memorable parties when my mom was away.

    Going into 16 and 17, I tried hydrocodone, oxycodone, LSD, and Dilaudid, oxycodone being my opiate of choice, still true to this day. Psychedelics are my favorite, though. I got into cocaine and heroin by the time I was 18, but not heavily. After that, I went through a four month binge of nothing but heroin every day and coke sometimes, now I'm proud to say I'm clean from both of those.

    Now, I just get stoned all day, and trip every once in a while on DXM, being as I can't get my hands on legit acid anymore.
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    when I was 8 I was put on adderall and vyvanse and still on the vyvanse
    when I look back on my all nighters when I was 14-15 I kind of realize why I was fully awake and not tired at all.
    I lost lots of weight but back to the real stuff.

    Around 15 I started hanging out with a kind of bad group of kids, not super bad just. . druggies in general.
    16 I was doing dramamine, pretty stupid drug to start off honestly and stopped it after two weird ''trips,''
    then came along the DXM. I was doing it every weekend and had a hell of a time at first. Cigs and stuff too.
    17 came along with boring stuff, hydrocodone. I honestly hated it, just made me feel itchy and anxious with a paradoxial effect of slight euphoria.
    Gabapentin and xanax came next.

    At 18 hand tremors became worse and I did a huge amount of DXM which my dad almost brought me to the hospital for, I quit DXM after that and barely convinced him it was a side-effect from some new meds I was on.
    I moved on to xanax and gapapentin

    on a side note, I can never convince my friends to do DXM, they think it's some evil drug.
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    i started off at 16 with my first drink. soon after (still 16) i tried weed. about 18 tried opiates and was hooked. oh i also did dxm at 16 and i definitely did not enjoy it.
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    Tried smoking weed at 13 and started smoking weed daily at 14. 15 started going to high school parties almost every weekend and got into drinking. around 18 is when I got into pills, mostly benzos like Xanax, valium, and klonopin. Also tried EX pills around that age and loved rolling, just kind of did shit like that on the weekends every so often along with weed every day. It wasn't until around 20 that I really fucked up and tried oxy and loved it, became extremely addicted to that and other opioids for a few years, got on bupe, relapsed numerous times, but for the past 9 months now I have stayed with bupe and my other prescribed meds. also got bad into coke/crack around 20 and that never went away, as there is know replacement drug for coke although I have learned to control myself MUCH better being on Adderall now, still when I have a lot of money I'm most likely going to get some yayo.... Fuck, I forgot this was just about being 15 but went on to tell a summary of my whole time doing drugs lol.
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    I was getting drunk every weekend at 14-18, weekend warrior....lots of vodka at that time lol, a lil tequila but that has always made me 17 years later just getting drunk on beers
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    I was into weed,lSd, inhalants a half dozen times, alcohol when possible, cough medicine roboTrips, yep, that was where I was at at 15.
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    I regret the amount I used various drugs when I was younger. I started drinking on an occasional basis when I was 10. Came from a hardcore alcoholic/addict family. Bunch of crazy natives that just like to party. I'm a little different in the fact that I actually was smart about my usage. For the most part, and mainly when i got older.

    I was 10 when I first got drunk and it was from a beer bong. I was with family, they were partying and my cousin and brother thought it would be funny to get me drunk. I kept doing this until I was 12 when I first dove into the world of chemicals and substances. I started off smoking cigarettes and pot and followed that with raiding my medicine cabinet for the vicodin and darvocet. I knew an older girl who was in 8th grade at the time (I was in 6th). And she was giving me methadone occasionally. I would be high all day and be loving it. Such a small dose was all it took to keep me on cloud 9 all day. Then while I was still 12 this same girl who was giving me methadone, invited me to try cocaine. (This was one fucked up 14 year old girl who was offering me.stuff. She had alot of mental issues and family problems).

    By the time I was 15 I had already been in 2 residential inpatient 90 day treatment centers. I had been on juvenile probation for a year and had done months in juvi for constantly failed UAs and PVs. Age 14 I tried the most stuff. I tried all sorts of pills and I tried MDMA I tried mushrooms and DMT. I ran away from home alot and had alot of friends and family who were addicts. I was always able to stay on the run for a while and just get as high as possible and do whatever. I had alot of issues and didn't give a fuck about myself. I got hooked on cough syrup when my probation officer and drug and alcohol counselor were cracking down on me. My guardians had placed bars knee my room window and the back doors had been bolted shut, sealed. Along with the windows. To prevent me from escaping at night. The garage door had a padlock on it. During the day when i would get a chance for 20 minutes I would sprint down to the store and steal a bottle of tussin and come back home undetected. I did this for many months because of all of the restrictions I was placed under. I was only 14.

    By 16 I had been to a total of 3 residential treatment centers. I had only completed one. I got kicked out of the other 2 for anger issues/fighting. I had already used IV when I was 15. The only drugs I didn't use when I was younger was methaphetaime and heroin. I never tried those until I was about 18. Despite such an excessive amount of drug usage, I have always had a passion for pharmacology since I was 14 (coincidence?). My entire career of drug use was a semi-responsible and informed one. I joined BL when I was 15 in the midst of all of this insanity and it probably saved my life because I became so much more knowledgeable about drugs. I was able to even help other people with issues concerning drug use in my life, people we all know who are naive and just generally lacking common sense.
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