Thread: Who is this God guy, anyway?

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    You say that there must be something that is infinite. Why not the universe? Sometimes I think, maybe the universeis what most people would think of as "god".

    I hate the whole.."How could something come from nothing?..god must exist!" Argument. The causation argument. If everything needs a cause, then I would say god needs a cause also. I just don't think that this is an argument that proves the existence of god. It comes back to the whole god is magical and hocus pocus stuff and that's why god doesn't need a cause argument. Not proof atleast for me.
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    I think there is a creative force out there. I also think this force has an interest in our development.
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    Good Question
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    I think, it's best to assume you don't know what there is outside our reality. I think this because we have our existence, but obviously there has to be something more, something with a new dimension, and if we could, we'd understand it. But we can't, so far, so we shouldn't assume anything. Maybe there's a god, maybe there isn't, but who knows?
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    hi im pleased to meet you. are you god?
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    We build shuttles and satellites and then throw them out in to space, we build telescopes to see as far as we can see, and don't forget the drills and submarines to see what's underneath us all because we may have missed something. We read books, look at buildings and mountains and listen to others who "know"......fuck the lot of it, we spend so much time worrying about what's gunna happen when we die and why the fuck are we here that we forget what's going on right in front of our eyes. Life to me is fairly simple and we complicate it.
    As for the telescopes and shuttles, the books and "chosen" people, you may as well build your telescopes out of used toilet rolls because we have absolutely no fucking idea why we are here or if there's a purpose. If we did know then this thread wouldn't excist and neither would the myriad religions and snake oil salemen.
    Be patient and wait until the moment you take your final breath and close your eyes, maybe then we might understand
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    im dyslexic and atheist and i know...THERE IS NO DAMN DOG!!!!!!
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