Thread: Adderall 20mg Cor 135 pinks - absorbtion rate / rush

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    Adderall 20mg Cor 135 pinks - absorbtion rate / rush 
    I have tried a number of administration routes over my relatively brief affair with this substance and for some reason I find that almost no matter the route, there is no rush, it always peaks at around 50 minutes to 1 hour after intake.

    Here are my experiences:

    1. oral - pill uncrushed / empty stomach: slow onset peak at around 1 hour.

    2. oral - pill quartered / empty stomach: slow onset peak at around 1 hour.

    3. oral - pill crushed and finely powdered, then dissolved in 20ml hot water and shaken for 5 minutes / empty stomach: slow onset peak at around 50 minutes.

    4. nasal - pill crushed into fine powder and insufflated. Horribly bitter drip (not like an enjoyable coke or heroin drip. Unpleasant ammount of powder. Nothing special, the onset was very slightly more rapid than oral administration and I could tell that more of the drug was absorbed than usual but the peak still occurred at around 50 minutes.

    5. plugged - pill crushed and finely powdered, then dissolved in 5ml hot water and shaken for 10 minutes: This is the only route I found to have somewhat of a rush, the onset was very rapid but still peaked at 50 minutes.

    6. IV - yes I actually did use a micron filter and this was nothing to write home about either. The onset was rapid but I would not say it was much of a rush and definitely not worth the trouble and danger of shooting a pill. peak at 40 minutes or so.

    So what is the deal with this near 1 hour minimum wait to peak? Is it better or worse with any other brands? What about crushing the XR beads? Is it all the same?
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    theres a possibility that just crushing the beads doesn't defeat the XR system..

    can you IV adderall? coz then you would most probabbly get a rush,... but still remembe that IV'ing ANY pill is dangerous
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    if you want fast acting, plug it. Most efficient and quickest onset (besides IV). Personally, this would be the best method for me if I had IR amphetamine tablets, and a strong desire to get every last ounce of spun out of them... not the best idea though, it's easy to end up 3 days later and 300 mg of adderall wondering what the fuck happened.
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    I end up like that. Kinda sucks when you have 1 or 2 weeks left till the refill and you look like the living dead.
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