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    Suboxone for Detox 
    Hi everybody I am attempting to do an 8 day detox off of oxys/hydros using Subs. Day 1 (half a day) took 6mgs, day 2 6mgs and today (day 3) plan to take 10mgs, then reduce starting tomorrow, 8,6,4,2,1,0. Does anyone have some good feedback on this plan? Also I am dosing twice a day right now. Is there an easy transition to a single daily dose? Thanks for help.
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    What was your oxy/hydro habit in terms of how long and how many mgs you were taking? Also keep in mind that taking suboxone too close to your last dose of other opiates such as oxy or hydro can result in precipitated withdrawals.

    Here is a link to the tapering megathread where similar posts are made:

    The homeless thread doesn't get a lot of traffic, thats is likely why you havent gotten any responses.

    Anyways, back on topic;
    The general concensus here on bluelight is that many people start at too high of a suboxone dose. Suboxone is very potent, and even people with large IV heroin habits have been fine starting on 4-6mgs. Now I dont know what you oxy/hydro dosage was yet, and assume that you have already began your planned detox, but I would recommend shortening it if you could. Detoxing using suboxone seems to work better with a 4 or 5 day taper.

    I woulda suggested day 1: dose 2 mgs, wait over an hour, and if you need, dose 1 mg more per hour until withdrawal is under control. I would also suggest only dosing once a day, that is after the 1st day when you figure out the dose that would "hold" you. The suboxone half-life is very long, that is why dosing once a day is perfectly fine. So over 4 days, I would suggest you take half the dosage as the day before, and skip day 5, and take the last tiny dose on day 6.

    Give an update on the questions I asked. I didnt want to go into depth with mgs since I didnt know if you started the taper already. Looking at the date, you would already be on like day 3 of the taper.

    In the future, if your post is about drugs I would recommend posting it in Other Drugs until you get the hang of the website. Other Drugs has a lot of viewers so stuff gets answered quickly there.

    Welcome to Bluelight!
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    Shifting from Homeless to Other Drugs (OD mods, do you take these threads or would you prefer it in TDS?)
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