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    Urine positive for Amphetamines??????? 
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    OK, so I'm on a Suboxone program and just came back from the doctor. He said the last 2 months my urine came up HOT for amphetamines, the only problem is I've never done Amphetamines in my fucking life. He's asking me about this shit called "bath salt" and I have no idea what he's talking about. Of course since I'm a heroin addict he doesn't believe me. Does anyone know what can make this show up in my piss???? The only think I've done the last 2 months is my regular meds...Trazadone, Synthroid, a cholesterol med and my subs. I also smoked pot 2 or 3 times and once was that K2 legal shit. Could that be it???
    I've posted this here because the urine test forum was closed, so I'm sorry if this shouldn't be here. Just looking for some advice before I get kicked off the Suboxone program.

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    i had taken pseudoephedrine that was in allegra, and tested positive for amphetamines...r u on adderall or dexedrine? those r amphetamines

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    ha man i wonder about the credibility of half these "professional" labs. I've had 2 preemployment screenings in my life thru MAJOR employers thru offsite, clean, seemingly very strict labs and i went in both times thinking id fail. first time id smoked weed for months straight then stopped smoking for 4 days and passed (no water binge, no 'miracle' cleanse garbage, just straight went in didnt even try diluting that sample). recently more surprisingly i smoked all the days up the test and i wasnt gunna go cos i was like ill surely fail on a few counts.

    they didnt even ask me what meds i was on, id smoked all that month until the NIGHT before and taken my legally prescribed amphets yet they didnt ask us to declare anything unlike at the 1st employer. I passed both and got both jobs at their respective times. yea.. no cleanse, no nothin

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    My husband tested positive for meth on a work drug test... but it wasn't enough for him to "test positive".. whatever that means... Also cocaine. He does not use either drug as he has panic disorder and absolutely HATES any kind of speedy drug. Weird shit...

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    RE: False Positive in Urinalysis... 
    Mister Right-
    I have to do the same routine, but I have actually been on Suboxone (and then moved to the cheaper Subutex, which doesn't contains any of the naloxone) for the treatment of MDD since March of 2007, when I began shadowing a doctor who works in outpatient treatment with Suboxone (by the way, I am not on the drug if anyone asks ). Given my "practicum" status, as well as my own experience with the drug itself, the/"my"doctor tells me about all the stuff that people are using and, not surprisingly, effing-up on as a result of. For example, to answer your question about your doctor's questioning you about "bath salts;" there are a bunch of legal cathinone analogs that are being used (just like "spice," like the "K2" stuff you mentioned). The major one that my Sub. doctor said people are big into (where I live) is called "mephedrone" (4-methylmethcathinone, or 4-MMC)...supposedly it is a lot like cathinone with some similarities to its friendly relative MDMA/Ecstasy (i.e., they are all vamped-up forms of amphetamines, and several have those properties of MDMA that makes it so unique, such as hallucinations, and other stuff that I simply don't know enough to discuss). Just type "bonsai fertilizer" into a search engine like Google and you will see what the big deal is. Basically, the synthetic cannabinoids in K2 and the hundreds of other "spice" brands, in addition to these new "legal"--yet just as potent (in a lot of cases) as their schedule I relatives'--highs have made the suboxone doctors super-untrustworthy.
    That being said, it would seriously be a shame for you to get booted from your program for something you are not doing. Therefore, I have tried to think of as many questions as I was to with the hope that perhaps just ONE might be of some help to you (i.e., in considering WHY you are coming up as positive). If it happens again, these questions may also prove to be useful to ask your suboxone doctor...especially if he is seriously going to "kick you out" of the treatment program if you come-up positive one more time. So, here are my random questions (not meant to be answered, per se, but rather to hopefully help you figure out what the hell is going on with this whole situation):
    -You don't take Ritalin, Concerta, Strattera (although I don't think the latter would even show-up), or any other type of "ADHD" meds, even if only on rare occasion or very infrequently (e.g., to do your homework on Sunday), right? Because, as I am sure you already know, it isn't simply amphetamines that can show-up in this category for some of the older, yet still, primarily-used tests (especially given the difference in prices compared to the newer versions)?
    -I also take Synthroid, and I have occasionally received a positive hit for methylphenidate (which is, amazingly, differentiated from cocaine, amphetamine, AND methamphetamine on the tests that the doctor I see and work with uses...they are relatively new versions where the results can, and are, produced after the sample is collected, which allows the place to know within ~3minutes--and thereby confront the individual about any positive right away during the appointment, as opposed to 2-4 weeks later when some people have no recollection of what they popped last month). Hence, if any individual has been using other drugs, the testing cup will indicate what drugs have been used, from weed to oxycontin (as well as if the person has been taking the buprenorphine) right there in the office! Fortunately, for some, (and as should be practiced) the results/samples are still sent-off for the more rigorous, subsequent routine lab-testing as well. Case in point: Because these fancy new "piss-cups" can be operated by anyone, I recently had the doctor ask me why my buprenorphine was negative when, in fact, the secretary (that is essentially what she is) who had filled-out the form after "reading" the results had simply made a mistake in reading the lines! So my question for you is, what type of test are they giving you at the place you go to? Moreover, do you sign your name and place the sticker to seal your cup (pr at least watch whomever does that part of the process)? If not, I would wonder about two major issues: 1) Are they getting your piss mixed-up with someone else's sample (also, do you have a really common name...b/c that could clearly facilitate this mistake...although 2x in a row is HIGHLY UNLIKELY, unless the same people routinely go before and after you, OR if they do not ship it all off until, say, the end of the week, and there are several others with your name...again, not likely, but I'm scraping here!); and 2) how well is this establishment run--in your opinion? Because if you think they are shite, you should go to a new place and explain to the new doctor all of the problems you were having with the other place (i.e., the false positives). The downside--or limitation--to this, however, is that this is probably your only available choice (unless you live in or near a larger metropolitan area), right?
    -You noted that you've smoked only K2 and pot a few times; it is possible that the pot was adulterated/laced, but it may well be that the K2 brand--and whatever synthetic chemicals it is sprayed with--contains something that metabolized into something that is excreted in your urine and somehow picked-up by whatever type of drug screen being used at the place you go to. The problem with those synthetic chemicals is that I do NOT know enough about them to tell you whether or not they could be the cause...but I'm sure there are others who do know enough about them. The thing that makes me wonder, though, is that you stated you had smoked pot, but that you are being reprimanded for stimulants. Did the weed not show-up on the test, or does the doctor not care too much about his patients using weed?

    I don't know if any of this long and rambling response will help you at all, but that is all I can think of with the info. I have as of now; I will talk with the doctor who I work with next Tuesday, and maybe he will be able to provide some potential insight. Also, I will definitely check back here and/or add anything else if something comes to mind, but if you are at a well-organized facility, I would ask the doctor how it could be possible that you are testing positive for something you do not use...and, if he responds in the expected way by stating, "It's not," then ask him to send it to the lab for further analysis, because--from the little I know about you--you are not using anything that should be setting that category off. Thus, the more detailed analysis that they perform at the lab (either if you use the "instant-result" versions we use, or that a lab is capable of performing when there is A REASON TO LOOK INTO IT MORE CLOSELY) should ultimately prove you "clear" (unless that K2 shite is doing something strange).
    Let me know if I can be of any potential help (if you even get through this entire comment)!
    Good luck, and take care-

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    If you Google urine +"false positive", you'll find many articles about which common prescription and OTC drugs can cause false positives for different classes of drugs on different screening tests. False positives for amphetamines are the most common according to an American Journal of Health-system pharmacy report and trazadone is one of the drugs known to cause false positives - so positives need to be confirmed by more in depth testing methods. When there was a hit on the immunoassay test, the sample should have been subjected to further analysis by a more complex method such as GC/MS. Ask your doctor whether this was done.

    I've also read of Synthroid producing false positives on some tests but can't find it listed in any of the articles I just searched.

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    it may very well be the fake weed you smoked. And bath salts he is refering to RC like mephedrone and methylone etc.

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    This is one of the metabolites of Trazodone. So I'd assume it would be this.

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    Trazadone causes false positive for meth. I know I take it ad well.

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