This is a re-post from another forum. This topic is on many peoples minds and there are those who wish to hide this information and attack anyone that speaks about this theory.

The last months SWIM and his fellow Trippers/Psychonauts-friends have a always returning subject of discussion: Is this blotter real LSD?

Most of SWIM's fellow Trippers have more experience then SWIM with LSD. SWIm experience with LSD is 5 Years, theirs maybe7-8.
The question didnt rised because of bitter tasting blotters, it comes from somewhere else...

This Summer, during Festival season in europe, there were a lot of dalai Lamas (buddhas) and Shivas around. Its supposed to be the same stuff, just the shiva is supposed to be half the dalailamas force. The Dalai Lama was strong, and indeed, good. but 4 hours later, so SWIM says, the effect weared off, and they started to wonder. how can it be, that 4 hours later the strong effect start to wear off?

Now the strange thing is, that the effect of these blotter are like lsd, SWIM would even say it is LSD, the only thing disturbing him is the duration. but compared to trips

This conspiracy theory was heard from a certain group at one of these festival, that had good really good drops of acid. they started this whole discussion, that the last 4-5 years there is a big, world wide lsd conspiracy going on. The people behind production arent the same anymore, it would be too expensive and complicated today to do real acid, so they prefere to combine/not combine, however put RC's on blotter, that allone or in combination with other RC'S, have a very lsd like effect. So people behind production today, wouldnt be interested in spreadin lsd in the world, but in the 10 euro for ur blotter...ur money. and the real LSD-25, like that one that hoffman once produced, was always underground, and also today will always stay underground.

What are the other SWIMMERS thinking about this? has anySWIMMER tried the dalai lama (buddha) and had simmilar diminishing effect after 4h? Do SWIY think there is a LSD-conpiracy going on, most blotters arent real acid? if it is true, what could it be? what rc would produce more or less the same acid effect, just less time?