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    Asenapine (Saphris) sublingual tablets 
    My friend who gets boatloads of pills handed me a goodie bag last week with 3 medications in it: Welbutrin, Seroquil, and Asenapine. He told me to take the Asenapine for anxiety or for sleep.

    I've taken them 4-5 times now and the first 3 times it had me nodding within 5-10 minutes. I've found if you fight the sleepyness it gives you a semi-recreational euphoria that is comparable to ambien or sonata.

    The past few times, however, I've taken them right at bedtime, and it's given me a wicked boost of energy like I've just done some coke, along with akathisia, which is just a general sense of restlessness and unease.

    The pharmacology from wikipedia:

    "Asenapine shows high affinity (pKi) for numerous receptors, including the serotonin 5-HT1A (8.6), 5-HT1B (8.4), 5-HT2A (10.2), 5-HT2B (9.8, 5-HT2C (10.5), 5-HT5A (8.8, 5-HT6 (9.5), and 5-HT7 (9.9) receptors, the adrenergic α1 (8.9), α2A (8.9), α2B (9.5), and α2C (8.9) receptors, the dopamine D1 (8.9), D2 (8.9), D3 (9.4), and D4 (9.0) receptors, and the histamine H1 (9.0) and H2 (8.2) receptors.[3] It has much lower affinity (pKi < 5) for the muscarinic acetylcholine receptors. Asenapine behaves as a partial agonist at all receptors.[3] As of November 2010 Asenapine is also in clinical trials at UC Irvine to treat stuttering."
    anyone had experience with this?
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    Please stop taking anti psychotics to obtain some kind of high. You have no idea what kind of reaction you could potentially get from these medications. They were not prescribed by a doctor, your not a doctor. The only people that have "experience" with these medications are persons who had been taking the medication to treat a psychiatric condition, not to abuse them. I don't think any of these medications are "abused". Except seroqual, in a prison setting. But thats a totally different topic.
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    alkaline trio heart?^^^^^^

    seroquel is a decent drug to get fucked up on.. goes well with alcohol, heroin, and benzos.. best be carefull unless you got a tolerence tho..
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    The only morons taking Seroquel to get fucked up on are those who have nothing better to use. Might as well be huffing fucking PAM cooking spray out of a paper bag.
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    As others have mentioned, this is an antipsychotic medication and is not safe to take recreationally at all. It has a huge (and rather nasty) side effect profile, so I would strongly recommend not taking any more of it at all.

    I'm going to go ahead and close this, OP please feel free to PM me if you have any questions/concerns about this.
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