Thread: Extracting Fentanyl from Mallinckrodt Patch?

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    Extracting Fentanyl from Mallinckrodt Patch? 
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    OK, So this month boys & girls, my pharmacy decided to cut costs and order only Mallinckrodt generics.

    Corporate restructuring my @$$!

    They couldn't get my regular generic Fentanyls either. These mallinckrodt have a bit more fentanyl in them, but the Mean concentrations are way lower.

    Mallinckrodt 100g/h 2.5 @36.8hrs
    My normal generic- 100g/h 3.36 @ 29hrs

    To me it looks as though they are weaker. Any thoughs, experiences with this brand?


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    I have found certain fentanyl brands to be stronger than others. Is weird. I prefer the mylan. You can ask the Pharmacy to order certain brands for you. My pharmacy gets mbox roxis for me because I prefer them and I go to them every month.

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    Extracting Fentanyl from Mallinckrodt Patch? 
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    Even though the Mallinckrodt 100g/h has a bit more overall fentanyl(11mg) as compared to my regular generic(10.2mg), the Mallinckrodt design has a membrane between the drug layer and the adhesive. This probably accounts for the extra .8mg per patch.

    There again, this structural difference may make it more difficult to extract the fentanyl from the patch.

    Has anyone extracted a Mallinckrodt patch? With the drug barrier, would it be as likely to precipitate the fentanyl with AE and/or Lemon juice?

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    We don't allow generic vs. brand name vs. another brand name threads but because this one is (now) about extraction from a specific type of patch I think I'll allow it.

    Title changed, however.

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    Thanks & Sorry. You know how us Newbs are. I must have missed that part in the BDD rules.
    (Re-edited to take out this-vs-that brand)
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    The rules actually changed before you joined so you're good.

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    I see no point in name brand vs generics unless the generics are counterfeit from foreign countries. Atleast our coubtry makes test often to check that generics and name brands are in good condition. For me 10 mg of diazepam is 10mg diazepam regardless which pharmaceutical conpany produced it.

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    This was actually a comparison between 3 generics, but since it is not allowed in BDD rules, I'll drop the issue except to address generic formulations comparisons of all drugs.

    I cannot agree with you, though. The FDA has high, low and mean titration value for any given drug. Now as long as the drug has a 'mean' value that fits into their requirement gradient, they are allowed to produce it and label it as 'x' strenght. But, as I stated in my earlier post, the serum concentration mean value in question is .8ng lower *and* 6 hours slower to reach max. This would have a NOTABLE effect for the wearer, would it not?

    The graph of serum concentration high-vs-low in the product insert varied from .5 to 3 supporting this, so in fairness for any given patch on any given person there can be a wide range of analgesia. Even skin prep can effect drug transfer on the same wearer.

    Knowing this along with the fact that it has a membrane between the polymer matrix and the skin whereas others skip this membrane and allow the polymer matrix to deliver the drug, wouldn't it be safe to assume that, by design it is a slower releasing patch, therefore causing me more achiness, less analgesia and making me want to choke the life out of my pharmacy. After changing patches, it took about 12 hours before I started feeling the difference.

    Now can we sorta get back on topic since the mods so graciously allowed this thread to remain on how to extract a mallinckrodt patch.


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    I do not think the generic patch has any intentional safe guards against abuse. I have looked at the prescribing info for several drugs.

    With Vyvanse, there is specific literature that it is suppose to be less pleasurable and/or harder to abuse. There was no such info with the generic patches.

    And you said, extract. What ROA are you thinking about? There are multiple threads on Bluelight about the pros and cons of different ROAs with fentanyl transdermal systems.

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    First attempt at seperating the layers 
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    Starting with a couple used 100g/h Mallinckrodt patches, I took one and with a very sharp knife, I scraped one corner of the adhesive/membrane side of the patch to try and get a fingerhold and was able to seperate one corner of the membrane from the main backing.

    Upon getting a better grip, I was able to slowly peel the patch apart. Slow and steady seem to be the winning combination. The membrane will stretch and snap if you go to fast or nick it with the knife.

    I cut the other patch in half so I could get a nice sharp corner to start with and also to use other methods. I tried heating it first, that made it impossible to seperate. Freezing had a little better results, but you have to keep the patch and your fingers cold, making gripping the patch problematic so room temp seems to be the way to go unless you have a walk-in freezer handy.

    On a side bar, i was able to scrape the drug polymer off of the backing a lot easier on a frozen patch than a room temp or heated one.

    The drug layer is supposed to be in between the backing and the membrane. Looking at it, it looks like any other polymer matrix patch afterward, but some of the adhesive/drug sticks to either/both parts of the patch. The membrane side is very stretchy and if accidentally allowed to fold onto itself is literally impossible to unstick from itself without tearing. This may not be a big issue in the extraction process since the drug should permeate the membrane.

    Seperation may be totally unnecessary, but I was thinking it would speed the extraction.

    I haven't attempted extraction yet. I haven't been feeling well the last few days. Bear with me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by psychopath View Post
    And you said, extract. What ROA are you thinking about? There are multiple threads on Bluelight about the pros and cons of different ROAs with fentanyl transdermal systems.
    I think the best ROA for me would be plugging or intra-nasal.

    So far I have tried snorting the liquid extract from other used patches with mixed results. I have tried eyedrops once, and it did nothing. I wasn't sure of exactly how much fentanyl I actually extracted and I haven't the luxury of extra patches at the moment to start with a full 11mg.

    If using a lemon/acid base extraction(utfse LOL), this can be quite irritating. I even trieds to neutralize the acid with baking soda when I was done, but it just added more gunk. At least with methanol or alcohol, you are left with far less irritants since it evaporates completely, then collect the extraction with sterile water.

    I still take the extract and backload it into a syringe with several layers of dampened coffee filters just to get rid of any polymer bits or gunk. I would never attempt to bang fentanyl. There seems to be way too much room for error in dosage unless you start with a very small amount and dilute it even further. You can always take more, but you can't undo and OD. I read dilution estimates made by another BL. Can't think of his name at the moment. There are several extraction threads for fentanyl already including the main one.

    I started this thread just because I havn't seen anything on the new Mallinckrodt brand. They have only been FDA approved in the US for 2 months. (Feb 11, 2011)


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    These Mallinckrodt patches are horribly difficult to figure out.
    Does anyone have a method for separating the fent from the patch? No gel inside obviously. Thanks.

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    I've found this brand is horrible all around and have heard many others echo this. I tried to start a thread about them but it got closed because the nod said brand discussions were not allowed. I first noticed the problem when i tried these orally and got zero buzz. Then when I stuck it on my arm as prescribed I went into WD within roughly 18 hours. Next I tried using a patch from a different box (I get 3 boxes of 25mcg patches per month), and had the same zero effect on my arm and trying orally. When I went online and saw some people had the same problem, I told my Doctor and he wrote me a replacement scrip as naturally the Pharm wouldn't take them back. Once i got my normal Mylan brand all was fine. I thought somehow that I just got a bad batch but after seeing posts from other people having the same problem.

    So has anyone else had issues like this? I certainly will never buy their patches again!

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    At the mo we are allowing brand discussion if it has harm reduction potential and there are actual differences between the brands (as there is with fent patches and the different way they are made/different chemicals involved)

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    I have Mallinckrodt 75 mcg/hr which are okay just chasing the dragon without extracting but my favorite ROA for all opiates is plugging. I read the extraction thread for the mylan patches and for my experiment i took a tee tiny bit of 100 proof vodka, heated it in a shot glass till it was hot but not boiling, and i cut a square about 1/10th of the patch (I was being cautious because plugging is such an effective use of opiates i figured i'd get higher than smoking the same dose). I let the patch soak in the alcohol for several hours, then used a 1cc/mL oral syringe half w/water and half with the fentanyl infused alcohol and plugged. I wound up plugging the entire liquid contents of the shot glass and nothing! The alcohol i used was strong, and i'm wondering if it is something about the Mallinckrodt brand (which is new on the market) perhaps their chemical composition in the adhesive is not like the others? I am not very well versed in extractions, and since i am plugging my goal is not to get an end product of powder, i just need a way to thoroughly infuse a liquid with fentanyl. Anyone have any experience with this would be greatly appreciated..... Thanks!

    P.S. By the way, for all of you who complain about plugging being too invasive, the secret is to use a SMALL oral syringe, NOT the 3 mL ones!! The 3mL ones hurt and are very difficult to insert, I tried and couldnt do it because the edges felt like they were scraping my skin and i didnt want to force it in there and wind up with abrasions! And this is coming from a girl who likes occasional backdoor fun during sex! The 1cc/mL syringes are no bigger than the skinny glass thermometers used to take baby rectal temperatures, and are completely painless. Personally IMO plugging gives me a better high than IV'ing even...quick onset and much longer legs than any other ROA, and ive done it all......

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    If the fentanyl is in freebase form (I think it may be) - try soaking in acidic water. A good "generic extraction" is: 1 . homogenize the patch in a blender with acidic water, 2. strain, 3. measure out doses.

    Dunno how well that'd plug, though.
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    i hate these.okay, these things suck as far as helping with my pain. the very best thing ive found to do is cut a strip, heat it with a hair dryer (not too much or it will melt) then scrape the glue/gelly-like membrane off with your teeeth (a couple times ive been lucky and been able to pull the backing off in a perfect sheet when i catch it right) and i just form all the glue into a little ball in my mouth and chew on it for a few hours. you can actually taste the medicine for a few minutes if you do it right (kind of a mild tingly burning sensation) and it will begin to help your pain. anybody else came up with anything else? as my pain is horrible and runs my life. let me know what you think.!!! thanks boooo

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    Hey all. I know this is an old thread, but swim just got his hands on one of these. So he was looking around to figure out how to get the best high out of it and stumbled across this thread. It's very clear to swim just by looking at the patch that shooting is not an option. Swim is sure there's a way, but more likely than not, it's too close to being a suicide mission. And swim will try to shoot just about anything - even OP's, so if swim won't try it, no one should. Anyway, pretty much every thread swim had seen on every site he'd visited had led him to the conclusion that these things just don't work, whether you use them properly or not. Regardless, there is obviously 11mg of fentanyl at stake here and swim was not about to just throw it away, so he he proceeded to chew and suck on it for about an hour after reading and examining diagrams that show that the fentanyl is contained within the silicone adhesive. Swim just got done nodding QUITE nicely. It didn't last long, but swim got far more out of it than what he's read here and certainly more than what he would have gotten if it went in the garbage. A few more notable details: 1.) This was a 100mcg/hr patch (in case you didn't catch that when I said 11mg), 2.) Swim has what many consider to be a high tolerance - to clarify, swim can shoot more than eight 8mg dilaudid pills (64mg hydromorphone). (That's just the most he was ever able to get his hands on at one time. He felt beautifully euphoric, quite possibly the best high ever, but he could have done more without dying.) Swim can also shoot more than 8 bags of dope (east coast powder form) - once again, that's just the most swim ever chose to do at one time and got a beautiful high from it but could have done more without OD'ing. Swim can also shoot more than 200mg of oxycodone (the most he was able to get his hands on at one time) without being close to OD'ing. 3.) Taking these details into account, make sure you don't literally bite off more than you can chew. Swim can handle obscene amounts of opiates so adjust your doses accordingly. I hope this helps anyone seeking answers to this question. Good luck and be safe.

    That single 100mcg/hr patch was chewed/sucked 3 separate times. First and second time produced a really nice high and the third time produced a pleasant buzz. You just need to keep it up for about an hour or so before the desired effects set in. I don't need to tell you what a pleasant surprise this was, having had almost zero expectations. Of course, in addition to the recreational efficiency, moderate-severe pain level was reduced to mild and completely tolerable. Very happy with results.
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    No swimming here. There's actually an extraction method in an OD thread that looks really legit.

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    Sorry, I'm new here - I must have missed the no swimming rule. I'll remember next time I post. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Actually also your best bet if you were to like to get any additional responses would be to go back and edit out all the "swims" especially since it is such a long post. It makes it very difficult to read!

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    So I luckly got mah hands on one 75mcg patch the malli ones (Mallinckrodt) .. I havent had much experiance wit them at all but I know they make me nod hard..

    So lets start from the begining..

    Got home last night after getting the patch cut it into 3 strips..

    pop one of the bigger strips in my mouth (ontop of this I had done maybe around 45mgs of oxy snorted aka roxi and aprox. Around .5 of xanax..

    Go over a friends house to watch the eagles game..

    About a hour has passed, find out we can get sum reggie, I havent smoked weed in about 3 days..

    We go to friends house to get bud, watch game there smoke a joint and drink a beer..

    ***Mind you doing all this with patch strip under tounge***

    So about a hour n 15 into it I swollow patch and I finish beer and we head back to tha house to smoke a blunt

    I start getting pissed because even doe I did almost 50mgs of roxi that day I knew I should feel atleast something right!!!

    Loo k around online for anything that wud give me more into why tha fuck im not feeling anythin.. Didnt find a thing until today..

    So this morning I found this thread...

    I had no idea that there was a differance until now..

    So heres what I did I put another of the 25mcg strips in tha freezer as mentioned above

    Let it sit for about a half hour

    Took out patch got a brand new box cutter knife and started working at the center of the patch cutting it but only letting the knife only go half-way thru as to be able to peel bac the adhesive

    After a few trys and a few small tares I learned its better to go at the corners

    As I worked on the corner it was almost like it wanted to come off slowly I peeled the adhesive bac from corner to corner

    It basicly came all off

    Now I popped the piece of patch in my mouth and as soon as I did my tounge began to get numb and I could taste that lovely fent taste

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    Its been now about a hour ive had it in and im already feeling it..

    Soo to go over that long ass post...

    1. The malli (MALLINCKRODT) patches to exstract or to use them by chewing yu have to remove the adhesive layer first before yu do anything else because they are made differntly then all the others the patch matrix is reversed..

    2. If you do not do this they are useless, even sticking them to your skin they still dont get into your system as well..

    3. All you need is a box cutter and patience.. Do not start in middle start on corner and slowly peel it back..


    I still have have all the adhesive layer I peeled and cut off.

    ** is there anything I can do with the left over adhesive I peeled and cutt off???? Someone said above yu can smoke it.. I really was never into smoking opiates so I was wondering if I should jus chew on that too or is there anything else I can do with it???????? Or should I jus throw it out????

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    Last self bump before I stop..

    I have another question..

    I stored the unused 2 strips inna 3 day period..

    Back in the foil packaging that it came in with tha plastic backing covering the sticky side and the balled the adhesive just sat at the bottom of the zip-lock I put the package foil in.. In a drawer in my room

    And im a bit worried because I left it in my room of my apartment which we air conditioner in there so it may have got a lil hott in there.. I took the last strip this morning after removing the adhesive again and it was barely sticky at all Nd when I popped it in my mouth it barely had a taste to it my tounge is kinda numb like normal but thats really it..

    So did I fuck up my last piece of fent because I exposed it to air even tho its was in the foil in a zip
    -lock widd mild heat or will it b okay..

    I still have all the adhesive and I put it in the fridge in the produce crisper because im still waiting on a response on what I should do with the left over adhesive goo from the malli patches
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    I may jus fuck around n smoke a lil piece of it

    For the sake of research

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