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    Snorting focalin 15mg xr 
    Hi, I just snorted 15mg focalin xr in order to study because well its 10 and i don't want to be awake all night. Does this amount have any affect? Iv'e searched and people say yes, but i'm not feeling it that strong, maybe i am though and I'm not realizing it. I'm surprised the drip isn't horrible seeing as the beads taste horrible. The drip is almost sweet. And yes I did crush the beads. I must be feeling it a little because I normally wouldn't have written that much haha
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    It really depends on your tolerance and individual reaction to the Focalin. Snorting a stimulant late at night pretty much means you won't be getting much more or less comes with the territory.

    Whats your experience with stimulants? Do you have any prior tolerance?
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    took the other 15mg early today for an ap test (orally) and was slightly stimulated. Way better than the 30 oral which had me too focused and thick headed, unlike adderal which gets me a pretty nice buzz. This was the first time taking focalin in about a month. I used to get adderall all the time but notice how fucked up it makes you feel on the come down that i stopped.

    edit:sure wish I had some bud right now. Todays the only day I don't have it ahah
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    Yeah, Adderall's comedown is pretty bad, I've used methylphenidate (Ritalin) but never dextromethylphenidate (Focalin), the Ritalin was certainly easier on the comedown.

    It sounds like you took a good dose, but you'll probably have some issues going to sleep later on.

    You'll be nice and focused for studying though.
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    Well... i just crushed up another 15 mg... idk why i do this shit haha damn. School tomorrow isn't bad. Its just track after school that sucks penis running on no sleep plus the stimulant comedown affects me until my next good sleep so add that to the running and i'm pretty sure I'd rather suck a dick than running. But it'll be fun tonight.
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    You'll certainly be awake all night with that extra 15mg.

    I wouldn't snort any more than that, though, you're just going to make the eventual comedown worse after a certain point..

    Good luck!
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    Haha thanks man. I'm 18 by the way senior in highschool just letting everyone know. Cause some forums are picky about the whole 18 thing and they get on your nuts about it.
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    You're good. I gathered when you mentioned the AP exams

    Good luck finishing up high school, it will feel SOOOO good when you finish!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeighborhoodThreat View Post
    You're good. I gathered when you mentioned the AP exams

    Good luck finishing up high school, it will feel SOOOO good when you finish!
    you gathered? huh?. Btw do you know how long this lasts for. Not the comedown, but the buzz.
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    Should be between 3 and 5 hours
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    for snorting? wow I thought it was only supposed to last bout 50 minutes? is that guess from personal experience?
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    The peak will be like an hour or so, so you're close there. Its not from personal experience but from people's experiences that I trust.

    Of course, everybody's reaction is different, so yours may be 45 minutes of peak or 2 hours of peak, or any combination of the two.

    Either way, take advantage of it and get that studying done
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