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    First Time Shooting Up 
    How much heroin should you inject the first time?
    I've heard like; one or two points, 100 or 200mgs, but how do you know how much that is if you don't have a scale or anything?

    I have absolutely no heroin IV experience and have only smoked it once
    I've done some morphine after a wirst surgery for two days every two hours, and that was about a month ago
    I've taken about 30 percocet and probably 40 vicodin, but haven't touched it in two weeks
    I'm 5' 3" and 100 pounds
    Currently not taking other drugs, the last ones I took were 3 rolls on friday.

    It's tar by the way
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    whoa dude, 100mg is quite a bit for an opiate-naive individual. I if you are currently a sniffer i would suggest 1/2 to 1/3rd of what you normally sniff.

    Simple answer would be - don't inject heroin. Alot of people start to save money or conserve dope, but in the long run, it costs way more money, time, and effort than it is worth.

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    ^QFT. To the OP what is your opiate/IV experience if any, knowing that will help people to give you more accurate advice

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    give us more info - tolerance, experience with other strong opiates, bodyweight, are you on other drugs, etc...

    The deal is, dope is so stepped on it can be quite variable. You could get a point and have it be 10% pure so there is only 10mg of H in it - an opiate naive individual could probably shoot that fine. Or you could get a point and have it be 90% in which case the next person to see you will be whoever finds your dead, blue, lifeless body.

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    You should definitely stick to sniffing unless you want to do some serious damage to your life. I have learned the hard way and thought I was invincible but heroin keeps a serious grasp on you.

    If you insist on doing it, check out this thread to learn some technique. It's really hard to just read about it and try it. That's what I did my first time and I ended up sticking myself 20+ times before I got it to work. You really should wait until you meet someone that can do it for you and show you the technique. No amount of reading on the internet is going to compare to real life experience.

    As for the amount, you should start off really small. A lot of people that have done coke and other drugs will buy heroin for the first time and think they are being completely ripped off because it's such a small amount, but that's just the way it is. Heroin is really that potent. For the first shot take the equivalent of a tiny line about this size:


    Then work around with it. Honestly, if you are doing it your first time without help, you will probably end up registering blood, then fall out of the vein, then once you find another spot, the rig is clogged with coagulated blood. So just try a very small amount the first time until you get the technique right. Don't want to waste too much dope.

    Best of luck, and be safe please

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    Once you do it you will never sniff again. I can promise you that. I think that is on everyone's "I'll never" list and if you fuck around too long it's a guaranteed stop. After the needle you will never experience anything as good again. It changes your life. I would advise not to do it.

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    Yup I was a sniffer for 90 percent of my herion addiction then I used a needle one day and I haven't sniffed it since

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    You want to be extremely careful when IVing heroin especially if you weigh 100 pounds and you have no tolerance. Def do not do it by yourself. And just do a very small amount like a half a bag or something. Its hard for me to say how much u should do because it could be really good or really bad and i dont know if u have tar or powder. There is a lot of factors that go into it.

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    rather than rag on you for starting, I'd suggest doing half a point first. if you're new at it your veins have plenty of life in them and you don't need to worry about doing two shots instead of one. if you don't feel the half point then do a full one. if you feel the half point but want a bit more then do another half and next time (if there's a next time) do a full point.

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    Ive never done heroin, let alone shoot it but you know your tolerance will never be the same, right? Why dont you just enjoy all the opiates you can before picking up a needle. There are plenty of highs like oxymorphone, hydromorphone, oxycodone & so on you can snort & enjoy w/o picking up the needle.

    Im assuming your curiosity is bringing you to this point & not the need to strictly do heroin, am I right? Anyway, good luck & have fun but be very careful.

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    oh the first time... god i would kill for that. be careful bro.

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    For a first-time user I would say a third of 250mg (I don't know how it's sold where you live and I don't know the purity) is definitely enough.

    EDIT: A few words about this "harm reduction". So someone comes here and writes he/she is about to shoot up for the first time. Our job is to tell a safe dose because we can virtually do nothing else to prevent that person from shooting up which is actually what should be done. In a 1-5 scale, heroin gets 5 in its addictive properties and by this route... Well, we can just welcome this person now in the fucked up wonderland of opioid addiction.

    Welcome, JustOneTime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigGreenGuys View Post
    Yup I was a sniffer for 90 percent of my herion addiction then I used a needle one day and I haven't sniffed it since
    same thing happened to me.. i was doing dope for about 2 weeks sniffing it daily, ived it once, and and shot up every day since then for the past 2.5 years

    it's a terrible idea and it's a whole nother ball game, there is no such thing as shooting up 'just one time'
    people aren't addicted to shooting heroin because it sucks, it's fucking great and you'll love it which will make you do it again, and again, and again, and then boom you're an addict faster than you'll ever even realise

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    Vigorously wiping the dust off dustbins.
    Always make sure you pull back on the plunger to register blood/make sure you're in a vein before injecting.

    I cannot stress enough how important this is.

    I've seen people with loss of sensation in their hands, lumps in their arms, etc because they never registered their shot.

    Yes you'll get addicted.
    Yes your life will become shit.

    Stay safe and take every possible precaution not to overdose.

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    Well, there is some possibility that a person after an i.v. injection won't like the experience and won't get addicted. But this is only when someone has never touched any opioids before and it's someone's first time. Heroin or whatever opioid used will be just a dull sedative. That's why some ask how this can be so addicting... They wonder because they never experienced opioid euphoria. I've known such a person who just got terribly sleepy and sedated after first heroin shot and eventually vomited. The person didn't get addicted. At least not in the time when we were in touch.

    But here we've got a situation where OP used hydrocodone before. Such people feel the rush and euphoria right from the start. Actually it's similar to my case. I started with codeine at 14 p.o. and then i.m. shortly after. It didn't last long until I got access to morphine and the very first shot was a true bliss.

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    just one time..... thats a laugh
    i said that too dude

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    all i need is my house my gat my act bank account phat it$ goin down like that
    I do not condone injecting dope. Good chance itll fuck up your life.

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    tell us how it goes... good luck!

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    i got a drug problem: i need twice the amount to get fucked off them.
    Man seriously you're opening a can of worms here honestly. Do you realise how many of us wish he could have never done what you're so very keen to do. Good luck bro.

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    The OP has decided to just snort it instead so there is no longer any need to convince him not to shoot up. Good job all.
    Questions about trying Heroin Tar

    For anyone else reading this with questions about injection, this thread would be the place to go.
    Injection; IV Complications and Information MEGATHREAD and FAQ II - show me the blood

    This will be closed now but feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns.

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