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Thread: make meth in 2 liter bottle

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    make meth in 2 liter bottle 
    Does anyone know the exact directions of the one pot method, usually made in a 2 liter bottle or also called the shake and bake method of making meth, I knew some1 in florida who did it all the time but never watched him, he did tell me one time but that was 3 years ago

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    no synth discussion..
    at least i don't think so.

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    oh I didnt know that, no wonder I cant find it anywhere online, know of any underground sites?

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    No. just no.

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    HOOD is right, no synth allowed. take it somewhere else.

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    Manufaturing methamphetamine in a pop bottle is a recipe to have a 2 liter pipe bomb go off in your hands. There's no way it can be done safely.
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