Thread: How long can buprenorphine be detected in urine drug test?

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    How long can buprenorphine be detected in urine drug test? 
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    I am prescribed 90 30mg roxis, 120 norcos, and 30 bars a month and every time i go in to see my doc for refills he gives me a drug test to see if i'm taking anything im not supposed to be taking and if he sees i have bupe in my system i dont think he'll rx me my opiates...but my problem is lately i have run out of the opiates he prescribed me for this month so my brother has a prescription for suboxone which i started using today to help my withdrawal until my next appointment which is november thats 10 days away...i'm going to be taking 2-4mg suboxone until maybe 5 days before my how many days do you guys think i should stop taking subs before my doc apointment in order to not test positive for buprenrphine

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    frequent use of bupe (suboxone/subutex) can be detectable for up to 2-6 weeks. occasional use i give it 7 days.

    *STOP TAKING BUPE IMMEDIATELY* OR U WILL fail ur test. it has a long half life. if u take it for days in a row, it builds up. suffer thru the withdrawls so u dont lose all ur isnt worth taking bupe and risk getting kicked out pain management

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    Drug testing questions are against forums rules... Sorry bro, but you really should be looking else where for your answers..

    From the BDD Guidelines..

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