Thread: opana er 80mg smoking off tin foil.

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    opana er 80mg smoking off tin foil. 
    hello all i have an opan 80 that i am going to snort about 10mg of and than smoke the rest of it in tiny seperate peices off of a sheet of tin foil over the course of the night. i am wondering if anyone has smoked opana befor, how much stronger than oxycodone it is considering its oxymorphone, and the best way you would reccomend smoking these things, and dont give me grief for this because ive realized that smoking this is the most effecient way of getting the most high ty.

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    I don't think they make Opana 80mg.

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    oh but they do they are actually very common it is a little green pill nearly identical to an oc 80 but instead it says op 80

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    yeah thats the new oxycontin pills they say op 80 on them opana only makes a 40mg pill as their largest dose sorry to tell ya

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    so even though it says op 80 on the pill its just 40mg?

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    I would highly recommend NOT smoking an OP Oxycontin as they are very plastic and would probably just about kill you.

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    no i believe its the most effective way to administer them the smoke is far less harsh than anything ive ever smoked and i remove wax caoting befor smoking obviously

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    OP 80 is a oxycodone not oxymorphone.

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    trust me its not i have researched it extensively it is an 80mg pill of opana oxymorphone. OP clearly stands for opana

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    OC's maybe, but I doubt the OP's smoke well at all.

    And an OP 80 is oxycodone 80mg extended release.

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    Your an IDIOT...OP is Purdues new formula for OXYcotin..Since there are no longer any OC 80's being made, THose are now OP 80's, which is OXYcotin.


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    well i pill ided it several times befor and its always been labeled as oxyMORPHONE which is supposed to be significantly stronger than oxyCODONE

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    what is going to take for you to listen?

    This is Opana 40mg, highest dose of Oxymorphone.


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    oh dam i guese its not opana than but do you know if they will still smoke welll

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    no they don't, pill is like plastic...

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    Haha as if smoking regular OC wasn't bad enough, smoking the new OP formula is just nuts - not to mention it probably won't work. I'd venture to guess that you will end up with a gooey, black chunk of burned oxy and plastic.

    Your best bet for using the new, shitty OP formula is:
    1) grind it up with a hose clamp (takes quite a while)
    2) mix the powder with coke (the drink)
    3) Let it sit for 8+ hours
    4) Drink that nasty shit down

    Too bad there isn't 80mg Opana. I love that stuff.

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    Now that you've found out what you have, use the search engine. This thread made me laugh.

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