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    Homemade Morphine from Poppy Seeds 
    SWIM is going to try extracting morphine HCl from opium poppy seeds, I am wondering if SWIM'S method is going to work. I am aware that using the opium poppy pods is much better that the seeds because opium is actually in the pods not in the seeds, but there is still a little around the sounds. But unfortunately, SWIM was only able to get the seeds.

    So, in general SWIM will be using 1.2kgs of opium poppy seeds and will use calcium carbonate and ammonium chloride to extract the morphine base, then use HCl to make in into pure white morphine Hydrochloride.

    But the more detailed description SWIM forund on the net which SWIM altered, is here:

    Papaver Somniferum: Poppy seeds 1.2kg
    Activated Carbon: C
    Citric Acid: H3C6H5O7
    Methylathed spirits 95% alcohol
    Hydrochloric Acid: HCl
    Calcium Carbonate: CaCO3, gardening lime 32% calcium carbonate 67% Netrulizer
    8oz block Ammonium Chloride: NH4Cl

    Step 1: The water is gently heated to 80Cº and slightly acidified using citric acid to a pH of 6.1. The reason for acidifying is becasue Morphine is extracted easier with acids. The Morphine is drawn out of the plant easier and by doing this will result in a higher grade end product as well as more end product. Another option is to add 585mL of Methylated spirit to help with the Morphine attach to the citric acid. Again this adds to yield and purity/efficiency.

    Step 2: The 1.2kg Poppy Seeds are then added to the simmering water and stired every 20 minutes or so. This is left to steep for about 4 hours. At no time should this solution boil, because Morphine breaks down above 85Cº.

    Step 3: After 4 hours of soaking, the poppy water is run through a metal mesh strainer 3 times. This will remove most of the large plant materials. The liquid is then run through a large coffee filter. Doing this will remove all the rest of the plant material. The plant material is then discarded and the water is placed back on the stove top. (The plant material can also be used to make a poppy tea. Or, one can preform steps 1-4 with half of the distilled water to get any last remaning Morphine out)

    Step 4: Calcium Carbonate is added until pH is 11.1 to create Calcium Morphenate. Calcium Morphenate is water soluble, so it remains in liquid form. This aqueous solution should be left at 75ºC for about 25 minutes. However all of the unwanted materials become water insoluble; These solids are plant fats, waxes, papaverine, thebaine, some codeine and other materials that you do not want in you're Morphine. This means that they will turn to solids and sink to the bottom of the pot or "fall out". This should be left to sit and cool for about 1 hour.

    Step 5: This solution is again run through a large coffee filter. The Calcium Morphenate passes through the filter in the liquid, while the unwanted solids stay in the filter. The solids are then thrown away.

    Step 6: The solution is gently heated to 75Cº once again. After about 10 minutes of warming, Ammonium Chloride is added to bring the pH to an alkalinity of exactly 9.1. The reason the pH must be exact is that Morphine will not precipitate below this solution, and it will form very slowly above it. For maximum effiency, 9.1 is needed. This action of adding NH4Cl turns the water soluble Calcium Morphenate into water a insoluble Morphine Base.

    Step 7: The solution is then run through a cloth filter. The waste liquid that passes through is disposed of and the solids left behind on the filter are kept and put into a glass baking dish. These solids are then left out to dry. One can also place the solids into the oven at 155ºF. The door should be left open and a portable fan should be left to blow on the material. This is the fastest way to dry. When dried, this stuff is Morphine Base. It should be a coffee colored crystaline powder.

    Step 8: This powder is then covered with 10% (or higher %) Hydrochloric Acid and left to sit for 20 minutes. There should be about 3mm HCl above the Morphine Base. In the span of 20 minutes the solutionshould be stirred 4 times, or once every 5 minutes. This liquid is then passed through activated charcoal. The liquid that comes through is left to dry. The oven method can again be used. When dry this should be a white odorless crystaline powder, otherwise known as Morphine Hydrochloride. This is an all natural alkaloid and isoquinoline from a flower.:D

    I know that if SWIM were using poppy pods, the water should be 10 times the amount poppy pods. BUt does this apply with the seeds? and if not, how much would you recommend SWIM used with 1.2kg of seeds? also hw much methylated spirit?

    I also want to know how much of the other ingredients should SWIM use for an efficient extraction?
    Will SWIMS method work well, or do you have any tips, advice, suggestions or alternations to help it work well?

    Also SWIM is thinking of snorting the final product, what would be a recommened dosage to actually feel a good high but not OD? SWIM has a low drug tolerance

    And finally SWIM is not sure what the instructions mean by 'passing the liquid through activated charcoal' in step 8?

    thanks so much, SWIM would really appriciate your advice ;)
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    SWIM isnt necessary here dude. Nothing personal, but its just so fucking stupid inn general that Im surprised any sites advocate its use.

    Regarding your questions I cant help sorry but interested so hopefully SWIMOY will be able to shed some light.

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    Very interesting, I wish I had some good information to add, but I don't.
    I'm interested to see where this is heading though

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    I'm pretty sure this kind of discussion is not allowed on bluelight. Why not try ask your questions on the forum you got this tek from?

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    Hey Acid_Psy, some of the other mods and I have been discussing this, and we feel it probably isn't appropriate to have this here. It isn't really HR to promote this idea. There's instances where we've been too lax in the past with extraction discussions like these, but we feel this is just too specific, and there's too many variables where something could go wrong, if your average internet user saw this and decided to give it a go.

    The recommended morphine dosage for someone with no tolerance depends on ROA. If you're eating or snorting it, I'd recommend 30-40mg. Injecting or plugging, even less.

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