Thread: generic subutex 54 411 questions? please help!!!

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    generic subutex 54 411 questions? please help!!! 
    hello everyone! hope tO meet alot of cool people!

    figured id start with a question right off the bat!

    I just want some info on generic white round subutex pills!
    (they have 54 411)
    can you iv them? if so how?
    can you mix them with xanax?
    is there recreational use with them?
    thank you im new to bluelight!
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    We want to hear about YOU!!! :) 
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    We are glad to have you! This forum is for introductions,not questions
    Please read the BLUA and the Greenlighter's Guide-both of which can be found in my signature below. They will serve as valuable tools as to how the site works,FAQs and the yeahs and nays of Bluelight.They will make your journey here so much easier
    I will be closing this thread as it is not NMI material. However,we would LOVE for you to make a new Introduction thread and tell us about yourself and we can go from there.
    Looking forward to hearing about you in your new intro!!!

    Much peace and love......................skillz

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