Thread: Codeine strength compared to oxycodone strength?

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    Codeine strength compared to oxycodone strength? 
    Swim just wants to say he has been a long time reader and just registered tonight finally! He says thank you for everything he has read and learned here!

    Now for his question, Swim has used generic oxycontin pills several times throughout his recreational career and knows his proper dosages quite well, however he liked to snort his pills oppose to oral dosing. swim has obtained some Tylenol 3's which contain codeine and acetaminophen, his question is in comparison 10mg of oxycodone how many mg would that be for codeine? Hope this could be answered! Thanks!

    (P.s Swim's well aware of how to cwe his t3's)

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    We don't use SWIM here. It is against the rules, makes your posts hard to read and doesn't help protect you in any way.

    In regards to your question, 10mg oxycodone is approx. equal to 100mg codeine.

    Since this is a simple conversion question, I'm going to move it on over to Basic Drug Discussion. Please edit your post using the Edit function to use proper pronouns instead of "SWIM", etc.

    OD --> BDD

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    The conversion charts are just a guide to go by really. I don't find 10mg's of oxycodone to be as strong as 100mg's of codeine but i seem to be one of those weird people who doesn't get a whole lot out of oxy unless i take huge doses.

    If you've never taken codeine before i wouldn't go above 100mg's just in case your unlucky and get a severe histamine reaction to it. Also have a anti-histamine like diphenhydramine on hand just in case as well.

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    10mg oxycodone = 15mg hydrocodone = 90mg codeine (5mg hydrocodone = 30mg codeine)

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    Thanks guys for the quick responses! I just wanted to be sure about the "swim" thing. Haha I'm lookinf real forward to being a part of these forums

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    I think its different for everyone.............

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    Dont CWE T3's if youre not taking more than 6 or 7 -unless you feel like wasting a bunch of codeine. Ive noticed about a ~25% loss, though of course your results will vary depending on your procedure.

    2000mg of acetaminophen in one day wont hurt your liver, and as long as its not a regular thing, theres really nothing to worry about. Its well known that the recommended maximum intake of things like tylenol is over exaggerated. That being said, i still wouldnt go over 4g/day

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    I would not say "it is well known that the maximum intake of things like tylenol is over exaggerated" - this is a dangerous statement ti be making.

    APAP poisoning (in Tylenol) is one of the most common cause of acute liver failure and in the UK alone there are over 70,000 cases a year.

    People vary hugely in their ability to handle APAP, so what is safe for one person might kill another. It also depends on whether or not you have co-existing liver disease, do you drink alcohol regularly or at the time of the overdose, what other medications you are taking.. and unfortunately you would not know what your capacity is until it was too late. APAP has a narrow therapeutic window, so you don't need to go much above an effective dose to hit a toxic one.

    A maximum of 2g in one go or 4g in 24 hours are good guidelines.

    This thread is a few months old now and has been answered, so I am going to close it - PM me with any queries.

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