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    Crystal meth purity 
    So, I've had the opportunity to acquire what is billed as "extremely pure + clean crystal" a few times in the last few months. Each time I've tried it, I've picked up 1/10 of a gram, in the form of big shiny clear crystals (usually that 1/10 will be only one or two chunks in the bag). I have quite a bit of experience with stimulants, but not meth. Anyways, I'd usually pop 10-20mg of dexedrine or adderall for a solid buzz, I don't fuck around with redosing at all. But with this crystal shit, I can snort maaaayyybe 1/8 of the point (so like 10-20mg of it) and get even more of a kick than I would from that much dex/adderall. Does this mean my stuff is actually incredibly pure? I've heard street speed is usually incredibly low in purity, so it surprises me that such a tiny amount would have such a pronounced effect?

    Also, I know prices aren't allowed, but I will say that the price I've been paying is unusually low compared to pharm stimulants - I can get two 10mg dexedrines for the same cost as .1 of a gram of meth. Don't really know why anyone would fuck with pharms anymore, seeing as this shit is waaaay more cost efficient (I guess addictive properties should be kept in mind, but I got horribly addicted to adderall for a while, so I don't really think it's any better).

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    Does this mean my stuff is actually incredibly pure?

    It means it's a different drug.

    Use your blog next time please we'd appreciate it.

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    Street SPEED is different to street METH.

    Speed - Amphetamine. Meth - Methamphetamine. Note the added methylene ring.

    As stated above, blogs is a great place for these little stories. Or swing by the BDD social thread .

    ~ Closed.

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