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    Mylan 114 oxycodone 30mg 
    Hello, I have just came up on a lot of these generic 30mg roxys. I am wondering if they will give the desired effects when snorted? I'm wondering due to how much bigger they are then the previous generics I had ( v 4812's) so I assume there must be more filler in them.

    Anyone with any input please feel free to leave a reply. Thanks

    - Ope

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    I would say to take them oraly on an empty stomach to get the most out of them, It will take a bit longer to come up but the effects are just as good and last longer.

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    They should work just fine, more fillers just means you have to stick more garbage up your finely tuned, extremely sensitive nasal passages.

    I also agree oral is the way to go with oxycodone.

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