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    g spot pain, tension 
    Hello everyone, just a g spot question today. So I know I have one. Once 8 years ago I had a g spot orgasm... Best feeling of my life. However, a series of negative sexual experiences has meant that I haven't felt like that in 8 years, almost as though the bad thoughts and feelings "deactivated" my g spot.
    For years it was numb. Now I can feel it again... The trouble is this.. It feels so tense and overwhelming, almost as though the muscles surrounding it are so tight and tense that they won't allow my g spot to relax and feel and build an orgasm, they are resistant. My lover says he can feel my big cum bubble (which does occassionally burst in the form of cum but without an orgasm) swell up and make it so tight in there that he can hardly push in. But I just feel so overwhelmed and frustrated from the strong and unreleiving, almost painful sensations.
    Ladies have u ever felt like this ? How did u break through to the big o ? Fellas, ever feel a girl like this ? How did u get her through to the orgasm ? thanks
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    Some women experience pain or tension around their G-spot during sex due to the positioning of their rectal muscles/Uterus/etc. Since it's such a sensitive area it's not hard to agitate it. Try some different positions to see if it alleviates the tension and pain.

    Of course the best thing to do would be to consult your gyno, though.
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    seriously no one knows what im talking about ???? wtf ?????
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    I think I know what you mean.

    Over the last month or so I've been very stressed and g-spot simulation ends up feeling odd.. verging on painful. and no matter what we try I can't come.

    So far no idea what to do.. But I get the feeling it may be purely psychological
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    My partner says she hasn't got a g spot.
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    I know it have one iTs jusT a g spot that is hard tto pleasse and easy to offend (rub the wrong way)
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    And honestly believe all women do have one, many just can't feel theirs (like her) or don't know how tto respond to stimulatitton (me). So does anyone have any advice on how to respond to g spot stimtulation ? Does a certtain sttate of being or a way of thinking help ??? I've ofTen wondered what women who can come this way are Thinking, can any of u ladies share ur Thoughts ? Anyone, plz share ur experiences of how g spot sTimulation fiiinally turns inTo an orgasm, tThank u
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    To get the proper feel for your g-spot, have your boyfriend take two fingers and insert them, palm up, into you. As he performs cunnilingus have him feel for a spongy, rough spot of flesh. It's usually on the back side of the pelvic bone about 2 inches or so in. If you're aroused it's very easy to find. Let him work it (for us it takes a "come here" rhythmic motion with the fingers, not a piston-action) and soon enough you should orgasm. However from what my girlfriends have told me, it's a different orgasm and can bring that "must pee" feeling with it. This is because the female prostate builds up fluid to inflate the g-spot tissue and there's only one place for it to get released, and that's through the urethra, so in essence you ARE peeing, but it's not pee. Trust me, as many times as I've smelled it and tasted it from an inch away, I would know. It's usually a clear thin liquid and is slightly sweet.

    Once you're familiar with g-spot stimulation and you work out the best way to get it into your sexual routine, try masturbating with a small object and a vibrator. Focus on your g-spot and get to the edge of your orgasm. Use your pelvic floor muscles to put a little pressure on the small object, then pull it out just as you reach orgasm.
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    @venus I know this is an old thread, but just wanted anyone googling these symptoms to know they are not alone.
    I have felt the way you described. Extremely tense, stressed out and penetration started to get almost painful because I was getting too focused on achieving orgasm. Assuming your doctor gave you a clean bill of physical health, I have to assume our symptoms are psychological.
    My skens (sp?) gland does fill with fluid which might contribute to a tighter feeling within the vaginal barrel, or as you called it a "cum bubble". But the more stressed out about orgasming I felt, the more frustrated and irritated my vagina felt!
    What I do?
    Remind myself sex doesn't always have to end in orgasm, that it's the feelings of intimacy and pleasure shared with my partner that are just as, if not more important than orgasming.
    I know it's difficult, but keep everything in perspective.
    Physical relief.
    (Obviously everyone is different and I don't know what your circumstances are, so I can only speak of my own experiences.)
    It took me a LONG time (20-30 mins) of sitting on top of the porcelain throne and a little bit of pressing on my bladder area before I could relax my muscles enough to expel the fluid--that's how tightly wound up my muscles were! No wonder I couldn't have an orgasm!
    My advice, for what it's worth, is to reconnect with your body first and relearn what makes you feel good--the sexy kind of gOOd! Some girls/women are lucky and for them having an orgasm is reflexive. For others, like me, orgasming is also fraught with psychological turmoil. So in an atmosphere that makes you most comfortable and relaxed, either alone or with help from your partner, try and bring yourself to orgasm. I like using a vibrator, but that's my preference.
    My partners get turned on watching me pleasure myself AND mutual masterbation is also rewarding! But I had to learn how to have an orgasm, before I could share the experience with someone else. Practice makes perfect! And try not to make having an orgasm a goal, sometimes it just doesn't happen and stressing out over it probably won't make it more likely that you'll have one.
    Happy practicing! It has its own rewards
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