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    Snorting Pain Medications, Tylenol 3 
    Tylenol with codeine tablet #3 contains 325 mg APAP (Tylenol,) and 30 mg of codeine. Tablet #4 contains 325 APAP and 60 mg of codeine. Most generally any medication maybe crushed and then snorted; however, the damage to your nasal cavity / sinuses is the main complication.
    Snorting ANY medication will cause it to act quicker due to the absorption happening in the mucus membrane and sinuses. These will place the drug on a fast track into the blood stream due to the blood oxidization process. The stomach will take 30 minutes (at least) to pump it into the blood stream through absorption, and about an hour for full effectiveness.
    My suggestion (assuming the need is for immediate relief of more severe pain,) is that you take 1-2 tablets (depending on your approved dose,) and crush them into a fine powder. Then mix the powder with milk, make sure you ingest all of the medication as it will commonly stick to the glass walls. The physiology behind this is that milk is absorbed very quickly by the stomach wall; particularly via a specialized channel. Note that simply placing the powder into your mouth will also work, but will take a little longer for full effect.
    The down side is that the medication is not slowly put into your system; therefor it will not last as long.
    Long story short, let your stomach do the work and give your nose a break (there as sooooo many complications snorting anything that's not specifically meant to be.)

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    Snorting something containing APAP is really silly. Your nose is going to become so clogged that the active ingredients can't be absorbed, and you don't want 650mgs APAP plus fillers/binders clogging your nose and sinuses. There is an increased risk of infection and irritation, and it also just won't really work. You are right, if you are taking 1-2 for pain you should eat them. If you are consuming more, and will be ingesting more than 2g APAP in one go for 4g in 24 hours then you need to remove it using a CWE.

    Glad you agree that snorting Tylenol 3s is not worth it

    I don't really see a question here, so I am going to close this. Please take a look at the "state of BDD" sticky and the BDD guidelines in my signature. PM me with any queries.

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