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    smoking meth/ bath salts, telling the difference 
    I searched the forum for quite some time but could not find a post on this topic, and im finding very little info online. Please feel free to move to the appropriate section, I was not sure since my post references 2 separate chemicals.

    Im trying to find out if there is an easy way to tell the difference visually between smoking meth and these "bath salts" that I keep hearing about in a normal bubble meth pipe.

    Havent smoked meth in about 4 years and recently acquired a gram of, supposedly, crystal meth. To me, it looks like I remember, a bag of crystalline shards of different sizes, no large pieces tho, the largest is about half the length of marlboro 100 cigarette filter. Some of it looks pretty crushed up but still crystalline, not powdery.
    Loaded a decent bowl, about .2 in the pipe and went to melt it. Melted as I remember and re-crystallized in a short period of time. I took about 5 hits is a in 5 minutes, feeling as tho I remember from the past, instant rush and large, thick clouds of white smoke, apparently smoking meth is a skill not forgotten with the years, and the taste was not horrible or anything, but not a taste I remember, not terribly far off, perhaps that memory has long vanished from my mind. Seemed legit at the time. I waited about 5 hours and took maybe 5 more big hits.... within an hour after that, became very paranoid, nervous, hearing things constantly and seeing movement out the corner of my eyes, for some reason frightened somebody was gonna come in my house, I knew i was just being paranoid so it kinda pissed me off because I couldnt stop the feeling of being unrealistically scared. I stayed up all night and thru the next day, without doing anymore, just like meth, i hear "bath salts" dont last as long.... something didnt seem right with the stuff tho, and for a few hours it was an unpleasant experience that pretty much pissed me off.

    Ive felt this way before, but only after 4 days of doing meth with no sleep, maybe a gram a day, same feeling, same fear, but this was just a bowl.

    I researched online and found that "bath salts" of various chemical names can to produce this same effect when used in large amount and or re dosing. I know there are kinds that can be smoked just like meth, turning to puddle then recrystallizing.

    Is there any visual way to tell the difference between meth and certain "bath salts" when smoked in clean glass? I have no experience with these new chemicals, that may or may not look just like meth, do to very conflicting information everywhere. Cut with "bath salts" perhaps?

    I was thinking of doing an acetone wash just in case, does anyone know if that will remove these possible other chemicals present, or just leave them behind, along with the meth, essentially doing nothing.

    any feedback is appreciated

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    Short duration, anxiety and psychosis - MDPV possibly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SproutOnSmack View Post
    Short duration, anxiety and psychosis - MDPV possibly.
    MDPV is banned in the US now, isn't the whole point of bath salts that the stuff in them is legal?

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    A lot of people are shipping "legal" bath salts with now-illegal substances in them. We don't whats in bath salts so its very hard (read: nearly impossible) to answer your question.

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    You'd know it as you exhale if you're smoking good pyrilodines. They are way rushier by all roa's then methamp. So, if you don't get amazing rushes (as in IV coke in magnitude) with each hit, then you don't have MDPV/aPVP. Sounds like you're just getting too tweeked and thus paranoid about smoking bath salts.

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    Aren't bath salts the thing that Miami cannibal was allegedly on?
    Doesn't sound like a good idea, haha

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    ^It was more than likely PCP, although generally "bath salts" consist of a-PVP or MDPV (unrelated to PCP).

    I'm going to close this thread since we don't do substance IDs here...know what drug you're taking before taking it...

    PM me if you have any questions.

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