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    This is really good to know! I had no idea that it was possible to have withdrawl from clonazepam or xanax.... So how long do you have to take it to be addicted?
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    gizmo22 what you are suggesting is theoretically possible, I even considered it myself however I never went through with it so I couldn't comment first hand.

    Here is what I can tell you for sure.
    After being on suboxone for 18 months it will be very difficult to come of without any withdrawl symptoms.

    The dose that you are on will have a big impact on how long it takes to leave your system, as a general rule however you are looking at longer than 7 days of physical symptoms, it is hard to say how long you would need to stay on the short acting opioid but I would think more like 3 weeks but even that is really just an estimate, as I mentioned the dose you jump from is the biggest factor in relation to the duration of physical symptoms.

    It would be helpful to know exactly how much time you had to do this.

    Have you considered a fast taper down to the lowest dose possible in your time frame and jumping from there with the assistance of meds such as clonidine and diazepam, if you are mentally strong and motivated to do this I think that is the way I would go about it.

    I completely understand the theory of swapping back to a short acting opioid until the buprenorphine is out of your system and then using the sub for 5 days like you did previously, in my opinion that is definitely the least painfull way to come of opioids and the long drawn out withdrawl from suboxone is not an attractive option to say the least.

    In the end the reason I never went through with it was the uncertainty regarding exactly how long I would have to stay on the short acting opioid and the fact that I simply would not be able to afford to do it.

    Regarding your question about clonazepam and Xanax/alprazolam everybody is different, for me if I use benzodiazepines for more than a couple of days in a row I always titrate the dose over a couple of days when stopping if I don't do this I tend to get some rebound anxiety.

    If you have access to these meds the clonazepam could be very helpful in coming of the suboxone, I would favour the clonazepam over the Xanax as the Xanax has quite a short half life.

    Definitely be aware however that benzodiazepines can be extremely addictive and in fact cold turkey withdrawl can be very dangerous.
    Usually if you only used them for a week to get through opioid withdrawl you would be fine but I would always exercise extreme caution with benzos.
    Sorry for the lateness of this reply considering you are short on time I hope this is of some help to you.
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    I had no idea that it was possible to have withdrawl from clonazepam or xanax
    I feel like benzodiazepine withdrawal is still a relatively unknown quantity compared to other substances. I guess lots of people think of heroin withdrawal as the 'gold standard' of hellish withdrawal experiences, but in my own experience benzo withdrawal is the worst of the whole bunch. Phenazepam and clonazepam caused more extreme symptoms than any of my WDs with heroin, opium, and even fentanyl and a bunch of other opioids (opiates/opioids are my DOC). Fentanyl took the death cake for acute pain but I feel like anything is manageable if it's short lived. Benzo WDs (especially long acting ones which have anti-convulsant properties) are hell and they go on and on and on.
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    Slightly urgent adice 
    Hi, I recently got off codeine for 5 weeks., I took approximately 200 last night, and I have woken up with major hip pain and neck pain! Am I now detoxing again in just one night ? If anyone has any advice that would be great, I don't want to go back to rehab! Is buprenorphine a good idea? Thanks in advance, me.
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    I really doubt a single dose of codeine would send you back in w/d after 5 weeks. Might cause the PAWS to flare up a bit. Or the pain could be unrelated to the codeine - maybe you just rolled over the wrong way while sleeping?

    I'd just ride it out for 24 hours, take some panadol and ibuprofen. See how you feel then.
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    ^ agreed. I think you should be fine
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    Is buprenorphine a good idea?
    Oh hell no. Fuck that. Here's something nobody wants to hear: it only gets worse and worse. And by "it" I mean opiate dependence. Codeine is the entry point. I'm not saying that it's not nothing to get off. I started there, too. But it's only the taste. Heroin, fentanyl, and methadone will make you wish you hadn't started at all. Quit while you're ahead. Or... don't.

    I didn't. I couldn't live without opiates. I will never be able to live without them. Do you want to join the club?
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    Aw man. I hope you're ok halif.

    It's a long horrible fucking road, isn't it? I do wish i'd never tried opiates. I wish i'd never learned to enjoy them.
    I feel like addiction has changed me in some permanent - or at least some very deep - way.
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    Hey guys..

    I need a bit of advice. I haven't touched codeine for a good few years, but I had a car accident a few months ago and was given Forte. I got straight back into it, stopped for a week, then back again and now taking around 1200 MG a day already. It's been a month.

    I want to get the fuck off it, as per usual stressing about wd. It's been a month, I'm just being a pussy aren't I?

    I need to post here to make it a commitment otherwise it won't happen. So my idea is to just start tapering from tomorrow and check in every day. I'd really appreciate any feedback.

    Any tips, suggestions, call me a pussy for even stressing about it if that's what the honest answer is I don't care.

    Codeine, Imo is the stupidest drug. The feeling is a kinda nice buzz that lasts a short time. Addictive and then bullshit wd. What bullshit.
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    hey only

    No, you're not being a pussy for stressing about it. Opiate WDs are unpleasant at any level. Thing is: They get worse. So much worse. The more you use, the longer you use, the stronger the opiate you use - it gets worse than you thought possible.

    The point of bringing that up is not to be a downer. Quite the opposite. As shitty as it sounds, that fact is the best motivator that I can think of. Having gone on and off opiates a few times over the years, and also going through many periods of intense withdrawal, this is the only thing I can say with absolute certainty: Opiate withdrawal sucks and NOTHING will make it easy.

    I'm sure there are some people who have used a formula to mask WDs and will claim there's a way to do it pain free (usually some combo of marijuana, benzos, and all manner of supplements), but in my opinion trying to lessen the pain by taking more stuff is a dangerous path to go down for many reasons. If cold turkey is not possible or sensible, the only thing that works is a taper. The speed of taper depends on what works for you.

    You're in a good position in a sense. You know that the positives of using codeine habitually are vastly outweighed by the negatives, so you know that there is really nowhere to go but round and round (and downwards) chasing a fleeting sense of wellbeing which is not sustainable. You have that knowledge and that's what you need to make the leap.

    All the best
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    thanks heaps Halif,

    Ok well I managed to quit. I had a small dose of about 200mg on sat morning and that was the last dose. I was getting up to around 1500 mg a day.

    So today is day 6. I was just exhausted the first few days and slept heaps; which was weird but good. Restless legs only started on day 5 weirdly. Now even today, i feel like I'm severely hungover. Can't concentrate, no energy. Is this paws or still the wd? I'm happy I quit but wasn't expecting this
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    sounds like it's still a bit of residual WD to me.

    well done mate, you've done well. it's never easy...
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    Day 8 today,
    Anyone have any ideas for the energy issues?

    Obviously it's the dopamine shortages. Work is hard. I am pushing through but thinking and staying motivated is tough. So hard to concentrate, move around.

    I went to the gym today, been eating ok. I have been drinking every night, not getting smashed but 6-8 beers. I guess that's not helping.

    L-tyrosine ? Anything I can ask doctor for to help with dopamine depletion?

    Sanx guys
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    Work is hard. I am pushing through but thinking and staying motivated is tough. So hard to concentrate, move around.
    That all sounds about right. Not fun, but not abnormal.

    I went to the gym today, been eating ok.
    Keep doing that. Those two things will make more difference than anything you take to try and correct imbalances in the body.

    I have been drinking every night, not getting smashed but 6-8 beers. I guess that's not helping
    I fully understand why you're doing it, but try to drink as little as possible if you need to drink at all. You are still in a weakened state and any additional stress you place on your body will hit harder than if you were in normal health.

    You're doing the right things and are likely very close to regaining energy and normal cognitive ability.
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    Thanks Halif,

    Just one littl addition. Tonight, day 8 is the worst Rls I've had. Can't sleep. I'm so angry. Have been punching my legs. What the fuck is going on? All this bullshit for a couple of months on Codeine? Fuck this shit. I doubt I'll be at work tomorrow. I can't afford to put up with this shit anymore, need help
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    Little update

    I had some serequil to sleep. Just a sleeping dose. Woke up 4 hours later really messed up, couldnt form sentences and weird shit was happening in my brain. Had to call in sick .

    Then I had some modifinil today and that has made me feel fairly high, which it doesn't do normally. Weird. But I cleaned my car, room, helped a friend with some work, all stuff I haven't been motivated to do for a long time.

    So I don't know if I will sleep tonight but I'll be going to work tomorrow regardless.

    Day 9 almost done
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    I remember my first ever opiate withdrawals when I was 13. I had been on codeine for around 3 months, large doses because I had broken my leg. Towards the end when i'm walking I without any thought stop taking my meds.

    I remember walking out of a medical clinic after having my leg checked out, where i started shaking, getting cold sweats and the rest, turning to my father telling him that I didn't feel so well. I don't remember how i got through those withdrawals but a few months later I was shooting up smack at a house down the room so i guess um yeah hmmm.

    Codeine withdrawals aren't fun. Only, if you look back a few pages in this thread i've posted some suggestions to help with withdrawals.

    1. showers and baths are godsend. I flooded my bathroom once when the only way i could sleep was passing out in the shower.

    2. i find lots of physical activity, walking, and so on helps alot.

    3. distract yourself as much as possible. Lying staring at the ceiling does not help.

    4. The primary cause of "withdrawals" are a family of chemicals called proinflammatory cytokines that bind to mu, ku and gabba receptors all over our body (amongst others). Large doses of anti-inflammatories, and eating (which i know you don't want to do) will help a lot. See you need to metabolise these chemicals out of your body as quickly as possible. Eating, excerising etc will do this.

    lying around, not eating will make withdrawals worse and go longer.

    (and this is the primary cause of all withdrawals from all drugs i.e. alcholol, cocaine, speed, etc) just opiates are worse cause they directly activate the part of the body that makes these chemicals cytokines hence why opiate withdrawals are the worst)

    5. Lyrica helps some people as does Clonidine. I find Clonidine helps a lot.

    6. And you may not have realised this but you can ask your doctor for help. Tell them your in withdrawals and need some help.
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