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    i think im goin nuts. 
    okay im sure most of u have heard of spice or k2 but i swear it fucked me up pretty damn good. For the past couple of days ive kinda been paranoid or just havin little freakouts and sometimes i literally just ramble to myself. dont be a dick and say somethin smart just tell me wht u think.
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    Hey extralung, I have heard of people of having very similar reactions from these different types of "incense" products.
    I personally don't like smoking them whilst weed is available to me.
    Is there any particular reason why you are choosing to smoke these products rather than marijuana itself??
    My advice in your current situation would be to try stop smoking, at least until you are feeling normal again.
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    If you can handle the 'little freak outs', paranoia and rambling without anything bad happening for a couple more days, assess how your feeling after this. If you've still got these problems then it might be wise to see a doc.
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    "...what's your truth... is my falsehood. What's my falsehood... is your truth. and vice versa." - SHIMACHU
    Stop smoking spice permanently, and lay off all drugs until you're feeling well again.

    If you are concerned for your health or safety, see a doctor. Things like this can be really scary, and spice and similar products are known to have some nasty effects.

    Exercise, eat healthy and abstain from all drug use until you're better. Hope you recover soon.
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    Hey extralung,I had a similar experience after smoking some synthetic weed.

    It was the first time I'd tried it,and had only smoked a small joint,but it hit me hard and fast,and I became incredibly anxious and paranoid,and basically freaked out.I'm lucky as I had some benzos to calm down (I needed a large amount to calm me as well).The next day I felt hungover,incredibly depressed to the the point of suicide ideation,was having anxiety attacks and needed more benzos (the benzos are prescribed and not recreational).

    After that experience I flushed the rest,and vowed never to touch synthetic weed again.

    I'd advise you to flush the rest of yours too and not touch it again.A lot of people experience similar things to you after smoking it,so don't stress out too much about it,just drink lots of water and take vitamins to flush it out of your system and don't touch any other drugs in the meantime,as that could make things worse.If you still feel the same in a day or two,go and see a doctor,and be honest with them about what you smoked.I'm sure you won't be the first person they've seen about it.Good luck
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