Thread: Prophylexedrine extraction from Benedrex via "Kitchen Crank" recipe

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    Prophylexedrine extraction from Benedrex via "Kitchen Crank" recipe 
    From reading for a while on these benzedrex forums, "I"thought that my husband "J" should try some.
    Around 3 pm bought a benzedrex inhaler. It actually was behind the counter, but had no idea what it was when i asked them for it. So, the guy just rings me up and im gone. Went to buy another one for J from a little private owned pharmacy.

    OK we get home to our house and commenced to opening these bad boys. Then was like WTF?! Had no idea those cotton rods were that big. So they were chopped into 3 pieces. J went first. He took a huge drink of Big Red and threw all three pieces to swallow them. Apparently, he was still able to taste them because he almost puked on the spot. So, I approach this differently. I get a huge gulp of Big Red, hold it in my mouth and proceed to swallow ONE cotton of the three pieces. Didn't taste it at all. I didnt taste the other two either.

    About 30-45 minutes later J begins to feel effects. At the same time he's becoming nauseous. Around an hour I feel mine kick in. It isn't extremely noticeable accept the face that my vision was different. Perhaps that everything became smaller. Ok, so we decide its time to get more. Wifey hermie hs been reading on how to extract the prophylexedrine. Decides on the "Kitchen Crank" recipe and then commences to gather ingredients. 1/2 mile from our house J is feeling sick. He pukes and pukes and dry heaves. 2 of the cottons came up. He drescibed the high way better than adderall and close to methamphetamine effects.

    All of the ingredients are bought and back to the shell we went. Oh, on the way home J wanted to try soaking the cotton in lemon juice for like 20-30 minutes. Epic fail, little if not any effects were felt.

    Thus, i am here writing my experience so far. Currently, the iso hasn't fully evaporated. I cant say wether or not it'll be any good, but i will keep you posted.
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    listen mate. if anyone here is supposed to take you seriously fuck that SWIM shit.
    i. you write i.
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    Yeah not to be a jerk but I can't read this. Why are you talking like this? Please use "I" and if you want to respect your friends by not using names use the first letter of their name. This post is just ridiculous, any court of law wanting to convict you can still do so.
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    What the hell is SWIM and why am i getting yelled at?! i thought i followed rules.
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    OK, i revised it. Is it ok?
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    1. Do a lemon juice extraction overnight for the cottons instead of eating them.
    2. Experience less menthol nausea than with eating cottons.
    3. Consider doing better stimulants than the neurotoxic, vasoconstrictive, disgusting Propylhexedrine
    4. ???
    5. Profit!
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    ^ qft
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    I am new here... and I take benedrex on occasion. It is really powerful, and at times causes nausia... you suggest other stimulants, you have something better in mind that is legal?
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    Legal stimulants usually are not what any recreational drug user wants. Only stimulants I can think of that are worthwhile is some formulations of caffeine, some strains of Kratom, and of course 'legal' prescriptions of add medication. Now these are not all just at ur local corner store.... And I honestly would not recommend phd for any sort of buzz. Its incredibly dirty high is not appealing once you have used worthwhile stimulants. I'm not suggesting you take any drugs I'm just saying what I have learned through my own experiences.
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