Thread: Oxycodone - max per day - for addicts?

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    Oxycodone - max per day - for addicts? 
    I am just curious as to what someone who is an opiate addict .. or addict to Oxycodone (Oxycontin say) would safely use per day w/o killing themselves. I have heard people taking OXy 80's in one hit but whats the max ??

    And what are most addicts consuming a day ?


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    A safe maximum dose for an individual completely depends on that person's tolerance. As well as other factors like metabolism, food/drug interactions, pain, environment (for example an unfamiliar environment lowers tolerance) etc (I have known people who have died from their regular dose with no other drugs taken). You should never assume that an amount that is safe for someone else will be safe for you.

    As far the highest dose that someone somewhere could possibly take without dying, I don't know if there is a maximum. I have never heard of such thing as a ceiling level on opioid tolerance, usually money is the limiting factor on how high one's tolerance can get, or people just stop raising their dose because they no longer feel high even from huge doses. Some people have built up insanely high habits/tolerances, like over 1000mg+ (or the equivalent in other opioids).

    How much an "addict" consumes per day is going to vary GREATLY, depending on how long they have been using, how much they can afford, whether they are constantly chasing the high or are just taking enough to maintain and keep themselves out of withdrawals, etc.

    At the height of my opioid addiction I was probably using an amount in other opioids (mostly heroin) that should apparently be very roughly like around 1500mg+ of IV oxy per day, but it took me years to get to that point and I was spending a crazy amount of money. It is NOT a good idea to take those quantities of drugs, even if your tolerance is so high you're able to do so without dying of an overdose.

    I hope you don't use all this info about extremely high doses to feel better about the doses you use though, use it as a lesson to not let your tolerance get that out of control. And always remember just because someone with a tolerance can take something does NOT by any means mean that it is safe or that someone else can take that much and not die.
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    i've taken 1350mg in 24 hours

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    Yeah it really depends, tolerance goes up very quickly so it's all linked to that. After about a month of sustained use I got up to about 150mg a day which wasn't too bad, but that's what I needed to get the same effects as with 10mg a day just a few weeks before so just to show it goes up very quickly.

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    my god. depends on how much money ya got. i enjoyed anywhere from 120-180 a day. I have gone as high as 270mg though. All ir 30's...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrflowers00 View Post
    i've taken 1350mg in 24 hours
    I don't see the HR value in this kind of post. Please refrain from "dicksizing", or at least add to it that it might be a very dangerous dose. Thank you.

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    dosage varies. I've never done a "max" dose of OC, for I went to heroin after that. Other than that. An addicts tolerance could possibly kill 6 average people if those 6 people aren't tolerant.

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    I don't think anything else can really be said that hasn't already, aside from people listing their opioid usage which is not really productive or relevant to harm reduction. Addiction can be very detrimental regardless of how much you use. How much someone can use at once or in one day without dying completely depends on the person.

    I'm going to close this. If anyone has something they want to add that they feel is important or in the interest of harm reduction please feel free to PM me

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