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    List of amphetamines I have done/experience with:
    - Mixed amphetamine/dextroamphetamine salts (generic, and brand-name Adderall)
    - Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine)
    - Methamphetamine (as a street drug, prescription, and sold as "ecstasy")
    - Methylphenidate (not an amphetamine, but oh well) (Ritalin; Concerta)
    - 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
    - Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse)

    How the comedown felt when on that certain amphetamine:
    - Mixed amphetamine/dextroamphetamine salts (generic, and brand-name Adderall) - Anxiety creeps by. However, I also become unresponsive to people. I don't really feel emotions either. I kinda feel "dead", but "awake" at the same time; and really groggy...

    - Dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) - More of a mellow comedown than Adderall, IMO. I don't get that groggy feeling that I get from Adderall.

    - Methamphetamine (as a street drug (crystal), prescription (Desoxyn), and sold as "ecstasy") - In the smokable form (crystal), felt really anxious and somewhat paranoid. Same as Adderall, but a bit worse. In its prescription (Desoxyn), the comedown isn't as bad when compared to the comedown from smoking street meth. (Probably due to the impurities). I also got meth sold to me as "ecstasy" (ugh, methbombs). It's HORRIBLE. I end up staying awake for 4-5 days minimum, hallucinating and paranoid.

    - Methylphenidate (not an amphetamine, but oh well) (Ritalin; Concerta) - I used to take Concerta legitimately when I was a little kid for ADHD. When I started using this recreationally, the comedown wasn't as bad, compared to how people describe MPH comedowns. I just get really tired and apathetic towards everything.

    - 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) - Slow, gradual, and mellow. No crash. Somewhat sleepy, but satisfied.

    - Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse) - Exhausted and hungry, but paranoid and anxious at the same time. In a way or two, an LDA comedown feels worse than an Adderall comedown to me.

    Would I use this amphetamine again?
    - Mixed amphetamine/dextroamphetamine salts (generic, and brand-name Adderall) - Sure
    - Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) - Yes
    - Methamphetamine (as a street drug, prescription, and sold as "ecstasy") - Only if it's from a pharmacy, and if I need to stay awake.
    - Methylphenidate (not an amphetamine, but oh well) (Ritalin; Concerta) - Only if I can't find any speed.
    - 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) - OF COURSE
    - Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse) - NO.

    How I dealt with the comedown:
    - Mixed amphetamine/dextroamphetamine salts (generic, and brand-name Adderall) - Nicotine.

    - Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine) - Nothing.

    - Methamphetamine (as a street drug, prescription, and sold as "ecstasy") - Various benzodiazepines, weed, and/or nicotine.

    - Methylphenidate (not an amphetamine, but oh well) (Ritalin; Concerta) - Weed.

    - 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) - Nicotine. Vitamin C. Various benzodiazepines.

    - Lisdexamfetamine (Vyvanse) - Various benzodiazepines, (or) "small to medium-potent" opiates (hydrocodone, codeine, tramadol), weed, nicotine. [Note: I always choose one of the first two (benzos or opiates). It's usually what I can get easier.]

    Would I use this comedown-relieving solution again?
    - Yes, I feel that the remedies that I use for coming down help cushion the crash/fall. During an MDMA comedown, I just really enjoy smoking cigarettes. The benzodiazepine(s) helps me sleep.
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    I've experienced Adderall, Vyvanse, Concerta, Ritalin, and Methamphetamine and they are all delicious and I love them all. The pharmies obviously are a cleaner, safer, consistent product... Including pharmaceutical methamphetamine (Desoxyn)... Street meth is often a much 'dirtier' experience with much longer duration of effects... Can still be a good experience, but expect bad side effects like bad meth breath, nasty chemical sweat and general odor, etc.. For me amphetamine comedowns are less physically addictive but more psychologically addictive the opposite of a cocaine comedown imy opinion... Methamphetamine is a much more seductive drug, however, it really gets the nice dopamine cascades goin in the brain..... Overall sh is much stronger and longer then regular amphetamine
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    in weaponized form
    I collaborated to write something similar, found here:

    Glean from that whatever you'd like.

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    What Amphetamine's you have experience with.
    What the comedown was like on that certain Amphetamine
    -Feels like true hopelessness and depression, very smooth though and lasts about an hour or two
    Would you use this Amphetamine again? Or was the comedown too hellish?
    -I've been using it for 4 years almost daily.
    How you dealt with that comedown
    -Before December 2012 I either just had to deal with it or drink some caffeine. Last December is when I started redosing whenever I felt the effects were going away and the comedown starting. Due to this I usually run out of my 30 day script in like 10 days and have to wait another 3 weeks sober but it's soo worth it imo. I love the speediness, feeling, motivation, euphoria, etc of 210-280 mg of Vyvanse but I take them spread out during the day; hence this is my new way of "coping" with comedowns now.. not that smart tho
    Would you use this comedown solution again?
    -yeah i've been using this method 9 months now but i've been trying to find other things like nootropics and whatnot so i can be less dependent on speed, and to also treat comedowns instead of redosing with more speed. no success yet
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    meth makes me crazy and reckless so i stick to d amp much easier on me
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    "I don't believe in god" That doesn't matter. He believes in you...
    I never did finish this...

    Now that I remember this thread exists, I'll go back to the project
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    What Amphetamine's you have experience with.
    Prescribed Dextroamphetamine, Mixed Amphetamine Salts (D-amp & Levo-amp) eg Adderall, Methylphenidate, Propylhexadrine (benzedrex inhalor cottons), Beta Ketone MethyleneDioxyMethamphetamine (BK-MDMA eg an Ecstacy analogue) & 4 Fluoro-amphetamine.

    What the comedown was like on that certain Amphetamine

    Dextroamphetamine - simular to caffeine, less noticable given dietary conditions in that given day. - Note - as a child these comedowns were much greater in intensity and characterized by severe mood swings & persistant anorexia

    Adderall - Same as above. Note - as a child these comedowns were much greater in intensity and characterized by severe mood swings & persistant anorexia

    Methylphenidate (Ritalin) - Emotionally charged, and not at all pleasant. Note - as a child these comedowns were much greater in intensity and characterized by severe mood swings & persistant anorexia

    Propylhexadrine - not noticable given the long half life of said drug; gradual blood serum plasma level decreases contributing to literally not feeling any come down.

    4-Fluoro-Amphetamine - the only time having taken the drug, an entire gram 1000mg was consumed, contributing to a hellish comedown characterized by anorexia, and severe depression (temporary). Long story short, Euphoria was not present enough to want to repeat and the binge {abuse as opposed to responsible use} aspect was enough of a deterrent to want to repeat. Lower doses, given this drugs structural similarity to traditional amphetamines would not likely be probable to cause bad comedowns, unless administered to children given their developmental state of structural brain development (just a shot in the dark here)...

    BK-MDMA - not noticeable, even to a lesser extant than that of caffeine.

    Would you use this Amphetamine again? Or was the comedown too hellish?

    Adderall (L & D mixed Amp salts) , Dexedrine (D-amp), & BK MDMA - yes; the first two given their productivity increasing effects, the latter for its therapeutic effects, though used alone, if used in the presense of a female (obviously not a relative given the abhorrent nature of drug use beyond the bounds of "clinical-therapeutic means"; e.g. psychosomatic state monopolization via collective propaganda based deterrent measures) would be of particularly heightened potential for therapeutic application as far as bonding & breaking barriers (conflict resolution, etc) goes.

    Propylhexadrine - Caused too much vaso-constriction making erections nearly impossible - obviously not a good sex drug; females mileage may vary. Tingling sensation in the back of the head neck and back area was pleasant, but due to it's persistence throughout the substance's effects was annoying after about 30 minutes. So no, unless deemed "necessary" given a lack of """" - leaf as a substitute, or Adderall shortage given pharmacies lacking the drug on a frequent basis.

    How you dealt with that comedown
    - in all cases the comedown was reduced or completely mitigated via appropriate dietary and exercise measures.

    Would you use this comedown solution again?

    - in the interest of self preservation, yes...

    IMHO, on an unrelated note, COCA LEAF, in its natural state needs to be made legal and available for those deemed "add" given the fact that it's effects are much less harmful , in fact quite the opposite given all the medical literature, being natural, it has more vitamins and minerals than most vegetative plants in its class, most notably Vitamin A. Sadly, uneducated persons associate the fact that the prescense of cocaine within the plant is somehow bad. The percentage of cocaine in the amount typically consumed, by someone I know, is 3 grams in one setting - approximately 9-15mg.

    Typically crystallized extracted cocaine is consumed in 125-500mg "lines". Though obviously the actual percentage of cocaine is much less given the impurity of street cocaine.

    Sublingual admin of coca leaf is not at all like insufflating cocaine, nor is it as euphoric as adderall or other amphetamines, hence, its -gray area- as far as legality goes, is of probable pharmaceutically induced means of monopolizing the drug market. EG take our drugs, or go to jail. Fantastic philosophy IMO.
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    i too take dexedrine daily for my adhd. when i would increase the dose by 5mg i would initially get a splitting headache that first day and then it would go away. this happened accordingly from 10mg to 15mg and when i went to 20mg the headache stays all day long. ive tried ir tabs but found they caused me headaches i couldnt get rid of, expecially if i didnt time the dose perfectly. i was previously on vyvanse 70mg once a day and it only lasted half my day so i asked for sumthing to get me through the rest of my day and i was switched to adderall 30mg extended release 2 times a day and it flattened my mood and left me with no motivation or desire to do anything. vyvanse made me have to be doing sumthing all the time and that was a pain in the ass and uncomfortable because i could never relax and breath and felt much more anxious on vyvyanse than on dexedrine. dexedrine is great but i was looking for sumthing that will give me a little more motivation and drive. dex is clean and smooth but was considering sumthing like focalin where as dex is an amphetamine maybe i should try the other medicine methly....however its spelled and that will do it for me. im an x meth user and truely am add but does n e one have any comments on wat i have experienced and how i might find a adhd med that will give me the and voltage im looking for without the anxiety. i thought about desoxyn but hear its very expensive. as far as i have read dexedrine is the drug desired by most people looking for speed pills. so if dex is as good as it gets. i dont know. they discontinued black beauties, wat else is out there by prescription that will really make ya fly high focus and give me that xtra punch im looking for ?
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    What Amphetamine's you have experience with.
    meth,mdpv,a-pvp (most used),mdma,2-fma,pentadrone,
    What the comedown was like
    meth-,ild for me only ever used a verry small amounts
    mdpv-very compulsive craved the drug more then any thing
    a-pvp- was hellish for me craveings like i never felt before needed benzos and weed had to lock meself in a room for three days this was after a very long 7 month ride useing at least a gram a day maybe more vapeing off tin foil.
    mdma- not bad nice after glow.
    pentadrone- never really had a come down
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    I really do not know what to say. I am now a aging combo hippie turned DINK to a yuppiw, now, have past the age of 60 years old.

    I used recreational drugs (the A to the Z) in my 20's and 30's. I went back to school to finish my B.S, and settled down and got married
    in my 40's, only to discover, I had a "bad case of ADHD combined", and, after 3 years of original Ritalin 20mg x 3 per day for the first 3 years,
    I have been on "Dexedrine Spansules from 1997 until 2009, supplemented first, by Dexedrine Sulfate I/R 1997 to 1999, and, then, Dexedrine
    Spansule 15mg, with booster Adderall Instant Release, from 1999 until 2009. In 2009, my Psychiatrist, of many, many years, dropped the
    Dexedrine 15mg Spansules, and switched me to 100% original Adderall generics 10mg @9AM Noon and 3PM. PM sedatives, from 1994 to 1996
    were Xanax 2 mg bars, 1996 until 2009, Ambien 10mg one hour prior, to taking the dreadful Deseryl "Trazodone 100 to 150mg) that put me to
    sleep, but I hated the next day AM hangovers.

    Splitting headaches, I am unfamiliar with my friend. My Psychiatrist, has noticed, after years of relatively being calm, that, since I reached my
    late 50's, my M.D. wants me to completely taper off slowly of all amphetamines. "This has been a daunting task" I feel like I am psychologically
    hooked. I have reduced my Adderall dose from 30mg max a day, Instant release, to only 15 mg per day, in the past 24
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    Pt II from Zachery Swan, to @dexydude. "in the past 24 months, I have tapered down 50% to only 15 mg of Adderall generics instant release" I complicated
    things, after my turbulent Divorce, ending my 12 yr marriage, by buying Oxycodone (Percocet) and later, 20mg of OxyContin, for 4 years, and the when I got cut off, took 100mg a day for two years of European Fortral by Krka, (Pentazocine HCI) until my "across the pond source, lost his connection for Talwin/Fortral.
    I have tapered down slowly off of pain meds for one year, and am now in my first 30 days of psychological withdrawal, since my physical withdrawal is over.I understand, one is usually dope sick and irritable for 6 months to one year, withdrawing off of heavy pain meds. I tried Bupe and Methadone, briefly, and I hated both drugs. IMHO, the best stimulants, have been long, long off of the world market, notably, Abbott Desbutal, 97mg of Pentobarbital I/R mixed with
    15 mg of slow release Methamphetamine. the smoothest stimulant I have ever had for 6 months. 2nd best was Fisons, and Pennwalt Biphetamine T, which had
    amphetamine resins, mixed with methaqualone in the 20 mg red and black capsules. Withdrawn now for over 20 + years, 3rd was SKF's Dexamil, with pure
    d-amphetamine, and 97 mg again, of another barbiturate, sodium amytal. (Also removed from the market) I wish you Peace my friend, as I do not have the
    answers.......I am a recluse now for 6 years, live alone, and have lost most of my friends, and attend ACOA & Alanon twice a month. Sell off assets to live, my 14 yr use of a Psychiatrist, has given up titrating antipsychotics, mood elevators, for me.
    trying to keep my nice home, protect my credit rating, and learn to live alone, as I am in fear, of another psychedelic asiylem (chemical dependency center) like I stayed in for 120 days when I was the tender age of 32, or worse yet, a mental institution. I wish you peace, serenity, faith, trust, and to belief in something! Solitude is healthy, but IMHO, isolation is Toxic !!!
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    ^Wow, was that Desbutal relatively easy to get on back in the day? It sounds amazing! Almost more like a recreational drug cocktail designed by a connoisseur than an actual medication...
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    These questions are kind of non-sequitury, so I don't completely understand what I'm supposed to do. I am, however, happy to contribute my experience, strength and wisdom if it could be of use.

    What Amphetamine's you have experience with: D-methamphetamine, racemic methamphetamine, Adderall, benzphetamine, benzedrine, dexedrine, propylhexedrine, and probably many, many more that I can't recall. (Do cathinones and other stimulants like ephedrine count?)

    What the comedown was like on that certain Amphetamine: They have individual differences while sharing similarities. People commonly complain about amphetamine comedowns, but I don't particularly mind them. I'm generally rather productive during amphetamine comedowns. I will say that I tend to feel less tired during methamphetamine comedowns, whereas I feel generally tired after amphetamine comedowns, and very tired and spacey during quasi-amphetamine comedowns.

    Would you use this Amphetamine again? Or was the comedown too hellish? Comedown consideration isn't generally one of the determinants of my drug use.

    How you dealt with that comedown: See above.

    Would you use this comedown solution again? See above.
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    What Amphetamine's you have experience with.
    Meth and Adderall.

    What the comedown was like on that certain Amphetamine
    Well, The comedown starts with me thinking about how stupid i am for abusing drugs, followed by lots of guilt and shame for my lack of judgment and seemingly broken moral compass. I dwell on what a piece of shit i am for treating people the way that i do, over and over i think about the same things. Some how incapable of pulling myself out of what seems to be overwhelming feelings of depression and severe anxiety, i guess you could say a paniced state of mind. Nothing will make me feel better except more drugs, so thats what usually happens. Although on rare occasion i take a break and push through those shitty " I'd be better of dead" feelings. Resulting in very small amounts of hope that i may live a diffrent lifestyle but the amount of that hope will never out whiegh the feeling of complete and utter worthlessness that i feel after slamming all these stimulants. While on the drug, i tend to be so over focused on whats not productive, that the consequences of my actions are out in space somewhere until i comedown.

    Would you use this Amphetamine again? Or was the comedown too hellish?
    My rant from the last question explains that for me its not a matter question, its a matter of fact.

    How you dealt with that comedown
    Lots of ice cream, candy, food, water, more sugar. Sleeping pills are good, benedryl works fine. Maybe some motivational books on tape or some shit, i'd imagine that would keep the suicidal thoughts at bay..sort of. Excercise is a great way to kill your comedown, sweat out all of those nasty meth toxins and put some Oxygen back into that body. Warm shower is good for relaxing when you feel like shit. Sometimes just typing some ways to deal with the comedown can help you realize its possible to be sober again....

    Would you use this comedown solution again?
    I will indeed.
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    What Amphetamine's you have experience with.
    bath salts
    angel dust

    Cocaine would be my upper of choice, but it's difficult to get the stuff that hasn't been cut a few times. Considering the coc is pure, the comedown is smooth and almost unnoticable. No crash and no tossing and turning trying to get to sleep. That's the beautiful part of the drug in my opinion. The high is speedy and euphoric and the comedown is so gradual that you cannot even really tell that you're sober.

    Adderall, dex, ritalin and vyvanse come down - slight depression with severe fatigue. Benzos are helpful with the comedown.

    MDMA - tiredness and weepy. Very emotional. I would go to sleep to escape the negative feelings. GABA helps as well

    angel dust - wakefulness with the inability to fall asleep, depression & emotional, anxiety & restlessness. A Benzo would be helpful and allow the body to maybe fall asleep. Unisom or any kind of sleep aid. Benedryl has helped.

    bath salts - brain fog. caffeine or any kind of upper to ease the crash

    Would you use this Amphetamine again? Or was the comedown too hellish?
    I like to use them to be productive more than recreational purposes. Yes I would take them again. I WOULD NOT take angel dust or bath salts again however.

    How you dealt with that comedown
    Usually by taking some sort of anti anxiety medication, benzos in particular work well. I feel that they help ease any body tension and help calm and relax the nervous system. Also lightens any anxiety that may occur. Usually when I'm coming down, sleep is what I seek at that stage of the game. I know my body is wiped out and needs it. Unisom and other sleep aids, do help, but that restless muscle tightness feeling is present. Feeling this sensation makes it difficult to lay still long enough to fall asleep. Taking OTC sleep aids usually will eventually knock me out, but it's not very comfortable and its usually because i've downed a double dose.

    Would you use this comedown solution again?
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    I know this post is rather old, but I am just viewing it now and wanted to say good job with being able to titrate the opiates. I beleive that weening off of any kind of drug that the body is physically and psychologically addicted to is a challenge, requiring a good amount of self discipline and determination. Also, sometimes when we are forced to do something because of certain situations (yours being not having a connection anymore), it ends up being a blessing. More times than not, we would have never made that decision to stop the drug use if it were up to us to make the choice and weren't forced into stopping. Keep the faith whereever you may be in your attempts to be healthy and have peace in your life
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    I only have a noticeable comedown from adderall when I take even one extra pill than my prescribed dosage. I have found drinking about a liter of water, a packet of my vitamins that contains chelated mag, calcium, vitamin C, zinc, assorted b vitamins and fish oil, a banana, and (I know there is some evidence that this is somewhat dangerous) 1/2 of a 10mg Bystolic or other beta blocker. Small dose of xanax if I have any but it's not a necessity.Then I'll eat what I can, carbs + protein, usually a banana and some peanut butter. In less than 30 minutes I'm all better and ready for a nap...
    For Ritalin, there is nothing that could help the hell that is mph withdrawal. I need either a big dose of strong benzo, example around 90 mg of temazepam OR some booze, at least a full bottle of wine. So I don't ever take ritalin. Even therapeutic use caused my alcohol and benzo usage to increase to crazy out of controlness.
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    To whom it may concern:
    Since 1994, the most effective stimulant for my diagnosis of ADHD combined type, (the at age 44) was overall this:
    Dexedrine Spansule brand name, made in the 1990's by Smith Kline Beecham. A merger, )so common in this era, caused
    the original Smith Kline French of Philadelphia, PA, to move their headquarters, to Research Triangle Park North Carolina, after post 9/11. For me it was a catch 22 with the Dexedrine Spansule 15 mg largest size, as it always took me about one full hour for the "pill to kick in" as my Psychiatrist, had me on Deseryl (Trazodone 100mg) at bedtime, which left me 8 to 9 hours later with a non euphoric hangover. He actually prescribed me to take one Dexedrine 15mg at wakeup, in the early Am, and another one of 15mg by 1PM in the afternoon, which, I found "too stimulating" overall, (the 2nd Dexedrine brand) thus, for a brief while, he gave me the (now discontinued) 5mg instant release Dexedrine Sulfate orange hearts embossed
    E-19 and with the embossment SKF on the triangular pill. My Psychiatrist is also a Addictionologist, and, due to my long ago
    history of using recreational drugs, from marijuana to Quaaludes, he changed his mind, and, placed me by the year 2000, on
    Richwood, 10 mg Adderall instant release, as a afternoon booster, if and when, my original Dexedrine Spansule 15mg beginning "petering out".

    As we all know by now, Glaxo Smith Kline, discontinued the 5 mg inexpensive instant release Dexedrine Sulfate, in 2009, after a production run, since 1937. GSK also discontinued the 10 and 15 mg Dexedrine Spansule during the final quarter of the year 2010, with their Dexedrine Spansule patented tapered end capsules..............................only later to be picked up
    by a small pharmaceutical manufacturer, "under license by GlaxcoSmithKline for 3 years, to manufacture the "Dexedrine Spansules" copyright, with a 300%+ increase in the Average Wholesale Price, of the Dexedrine Spansule Brand Name. (Something like from $100.00 per 90 caps, to over $300.00 per 90 caps) during the year 2010. I assume, most common folks, like me, switched over to Barr Labs, generic non-tapered end sustained release Dexedrine Extended Release capsules,
    which also, had a big price increase, to about $257.00 per 90 capsules. I blame part of this, on Barr Labs, once a 100% owned company from either Kentucky or Pennsylvania, to, the merger, of Ranbaxy of India, who bought out Barr Labs, during
    late December of 2008. Ranbaxy went further than that, they bought out the name of Dexedrine Spansules, name brand, as well as generic name, from UK based Glaxo Smith Kline, with US headquarters, in North Carolina. The fate of the 5 mg Dexedine 5 mg orange hearts E-19 embossed triangular pills, I understand,yet went out to another USA pharmaceutical mfg, who of course, raised the average wholesale price of Dexedrine instant release "Sulfate" as happened in our neighbor country,
    Canada, during this transition. "Paladin Labs now makes Dextroamphetamine sulfate for citizens of Canada" Source: Genetic
    Engineering Biotechnology News" December 8th 2010.

    Core Pharma and Glaxo Smith Kline conclude agreement on US rights for Dexedrine Spansule thru a new formed subsidiary, called, Amedra Pharmaceuticals, on October 22, of 2010. Core Pharma is based out of Middlesex, NJ USA.

    I have personally experienced the reality of seeing the Average Wholesale Cost of all brands of original Dexedrine and
    Dexedrine Spansules, go "thru the roof" in my lifetime" due to all of these mergers. Source" REDBOOK Pharmacy's Fundamental Reference 113th year of publication year 2009, and 114th year of publication, year 2010. Publisher, PDR, Inc,
    disgtributed by Thomson Reuters. My insurance company, will not pay for the radical price increase of brand name Dexedrine in any form, unless, I pay "out of pocket". Thus I use Barr Labs, of Sellersville, PA versions of Dexedrine generic

    Out of nearly 20 years use of stimulants, as I have passed the age of 60 years old, I have taken it upon myself, to
    self administer, (to my regret), Oxycodone, in usually the form of the generic 5mg/325 mg of APAP, "in my interpretation, with a aging male body, to re-energize my former fatique less body, with the well know addictive pain med. I have also,
    on occasion, been able to obtain the pure Oxy Contin 20 mg tablets, that, I carefully grind up, and snort with a straw. (Again
    to my regret) Why? for some reason, after using d-amphetamines, mostly Dexedrine, Dexedrine Spansules, and Richwood, (now) Barr generic Instant release Adderall, even to some Ciba brand Ritalin.............have found that they do not work for me, as they did so faithfully, for so very long in my 40's and my 50's. (age range). I conclude, that, my self administering of
    the narcotic Oxycodone, which initially, gave me the energy lift I craved, that Dexedrine gave me for a very long time, was
    "the answer" to my problems. Now past age 62, and with street availability, much less, and frankly at times non existent, I
    regret using the Oxycodone Percocet generics, 5/325, or the OxyContin 40 mg, pills, I chose to crush, to snort, to minimize a
    fear of a overdose. When I know use just the either brand name Dexedrine Sulfate, or Dexedrine Spansules, or the usual generic equivalent using Barr Labs generic Adderall I/R (Teva of Sellersville PA), I no longer get the "rush" I crave when I
    mixed both together for at least two years non stop. I now see why Oxycodone is labeled so addictive. I would like to go back and forget my experiment using Oxycodone, but, I can't seem to get more than 4 to 6 week of abstinence, without going back to the black market to locate Oxycodone. Otherwise, I am either partially Depressed, or totally depressed, much of the time. Amphetamines alone, only, now, allow me to get out of bed, and partially function to do the mundane tasks of daily living.

    that is my story. Yes, if I can get any, I will take a Clonazepam or the hypnotics Zolpidem and/or Pfizer Halcion in the evening, to wind down my anxieties, and, depression. I also have began to drink calculated amounts of alcohol in the evenings, after 28 years in AA, to relieve my constant frustration, as I am beginning retirement, and living as a lone wolf
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    Part II from Zachery Swan:
    Of three USA Psychiatrists, who have monitored me, since June 28, 1994, until, the present month.................................
    my last Psychiatrist, I have seen 6 times a year, since January of 1999, told me, I quote him....around
    the year 2009, my 15th year on 24/7 use of d-amphetamine, L-amphetamine, or Methyphenidate (Ritalin),
    "that from here on out, the stimulants, will begin to work against me, with my ADHD symptoms, 314.00,
    Anxiety Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, 300.00., and a newer diagnosis since the year 2011, OCD 300.3,
    and, as my Psychiatrist saw it, my depressive symptoms, have been getting worse, since my turbulent Divorce,
    at age 57, my M.D calls it Dysthymic Disorder. He made it clear to me in January of 2013, that, he wants me to
    taper down, on my own timeframe, until, I no longer take any amphetamines. He told me "I am a test case, that,
    he has never had a patient, on long term use of amphetamines, who started the drug, in their middle 40's,...... but,
    has got patients, who started stimulants, as a child, and, the 7 to 15 year old patients, are still doing fine, now,
    in their 30 something age range. (now) and are "calm". The difference with them and me is "I am no longer calm"
    I do not know the correct phrase, but there is data out there, about the long term effects of decades of use of
    stimulants, on the brain, the neurotransmittors, and, what little I can gather is not comforting, that, "I call it
    "Speed Burnout" for lack of a better word. The Depression that follows the "comedown" effects nearly everyone, even
    "normal people" who are on a speed run, say, just to get thru med school, or law school, after days of use, then, they
    sleep a lot, and, eat a lot, and of course are depressed, and out of "energy". But they recover rather quickly, like in 4 or 5

    With me, on C-II stimulants, for 19 years, and 6 months, the "comedown" leaves me, in a state of mind, to
    where I call it, I feel disabled, and, I do not think I could hold a job, for 40 hrs a week and focus, with the way I feel now, as
    I have actually gone cold turkey twice this year, for 15 days at a time, but, only leave my condo to buy food, or, to get $$$ out of the bank, my depression, has caused me to skip shaving, for days on end, and, to not be the tidy perfectionist I was with my housecleaning. I wonder, looking back, was it worth it, to get my original diagnosis of ADHD, when I was 45?

    What did I accomplish? Well, two college degrees, that I was ready to give up on, a very difficult examination, qualifying me as a General Contractor, in my home state, getting married for the first time, at age 45, (that lasted 12 years), and, to
    remain gainfully employed, until I got divorced, in late 2007, that is when, I got the big attitude change, and apparently, it
    shows, around professional clinical medical members who have known me for decades.

    In the late 1960's and up until around the middle 1970's, yes I did experiment, with most of the drugs, the original poster, had target specific questions about. The only drug that I did not use, on that list, was technically MMDA, "Ecstasy", but I did
    experiment with its powerful 1st cousin, "MDA" and it was a mind blowing positive, very sexual and very spiritual trip, I shall never forget. I hated Angel Dust, as I was a victim, and, 3 times, it had been adulterated in marijuana I smoked, or had been
    adulterated with heavily cut powered Cocaine, and, I do not remember much of the experience, except, I remember blacking out every time, and, once, having a violent seizure, and, tore up some things where I lived, apparently, from having the
    unpredictable "Rage a holic" effects, the animal tranquilizer, Angel Dust, or PCP, has been known to cause.
    Cocaine, I snorted the powered version, and, in my shame, yes, I had LPN's around me, who introduced me to the IV use of
    Cocaine. That drug, was the most addictive medication, I have ever placed in my body. I had to go to Detox, and a 42 day
    treatment center, to get away from some 70's drug smugglers, that, kept, dragging me down with that drug. The comedown on Cocaine, was awful as I remember it, very depressing, as one wants to repeat, the initial high one gets at the first snort, or, the first injection. I used Methaqualone heavily, to knock myself out, to thwart, the cravings for Cocaine, and I have not used any in over, 32 years now. AA and NA helped me immensely, for I'd say 15 years, even after, I started using the legal
    stimulants, with a "legal diagnosis" of ADHD. (I just kept that info to myself) dropped out of NA, but continued AA from 1983
    until, 2009. Now, I only attend ACOA, and Alanon like once a week.

    If someone asked me, if their child had a dx of ADHD or Narcolepsy, I don't know now what I would tell this party. I have
    mixed feelings about the entire matter, because I am having such a hard time, getting off of all amphetamines. (all legally
    prescribed to me). I would worry, about the long term effects a developing child might have, if they started using a stimulant.
    I still am a advocate and member of, and attended national conventions, in the late 1990's, but my attitude, has
    changed, now that I am in my 60's. I guess it comes down to this, if the person, with a new Dx of ADD also has a co-morbid
    MENTAL ILLNESS, like, 2 or 3 at the same time, I would be quite cautious, of recommending amphetamines to a male or female of any age, due to the complex effects, it might have with someone with several mental illness disorders at the same time, (such as me). I am off my soapbox for now. Sorry for the ranting.
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    Im going to leave MDMA out as I dony think the OP wanted that info

    What Amphetamine's you have experience with.

    Amphetamine sulphate
    Meth amphetamine

    What the comedown was like on that certain Amphetamine

    Amphetamine sulphate - Farigue and mild depression' proportionaal with size and length of intake

    Meth amphetamine - Maybe a little worse than above

    Ritalinv- bit on edgey nothing of note

    MPA - OK a little run doen snd some nausra.

    Would you use this Amphetamine again? Or was the comedown too hellish?

    Which one \\\\i use sulphate quite often meth less so, not interested in the others

    How you dealt with that comedown

    I have to work sso jusy extra food and fluids ans extra restm sometimes I use Xanaz but it normally takes ss week to be back to baseine as my use is typically 3 days o .
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueHues View Post
    ^Wow, was that Desbutal relatively easy to get on back in the day? It sounds amazing! Almost more like a recreational drug cocktail designed by a connoisseur than an actual medication...
    From 1965, until, July of 1973, Abbott Labs "Desbutal" was relatively easy to get, well, I'd say until the last year, being 1973. It came to the pharmacy in 5 mg bright green capsules, with 5 mg of methamphetamine hydrochloride, and 30 mg of sodium Pentobarbital, in bottles of 100 and 500. The Desbutal 10mg Gradument
    tablets, contained 10mg of methamphetamine and 60 mg of sodium Pentobarbital, in bottles of 100 and 500 count.(the tablets were orange one side and blue on the other side, embossed with a distinct small unique "a", the capsules of 5 mg, were embossed ABBOTT on one side, and again the distinct small "a" of the same end of the capsule. Finally, the Desoxn Gradument 15mg contained 15 mg of Methamphetamine Hydrochloride, and 90 mg. of Sodium Pentobarbital, both in bottles of 50, and bottles to 500 count to the pharmacies around the USA. Also, Desoxyn plain, came in 3 different sizes, methamphetamine hydrochloride convention I/R tablets,
    as, 10mg Gradumet tablets, and as 15 mg Desoxyn Gradumet tablets. Quote from the 1973 PDR page 504 "gradumet is inert, porous, plastic matrix, which is im
    pregnated with Desoxyn. The drug is released slowly from the Gradumet as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract.

    President Nixon formed the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs in 1970, and the name was changed, to the Drug Enforcement Administration in the year 1973. Based on Congressional hearings in 1971, the Senate, and House of Representatives, moved, "most" amphetamines to a Schedule II from a Schedule III, and,
    all combination amphetamines with a tranquilizer, or a hypnotic, or a barbiturate, were banned from production, except one target specific drug. Smith Kline and French, successfully delayed, the DEA from removing their combination drug of, 10mg and 15 mg, (Dexamyl Spansules, 10 mg coded D92 1/2 green and 1/2 green and white pellets inside the clear spansule,having65 mg of amobarbital I/R. the 15mg capsule looked the same, but was coded D93, and had more barbitutate
    in the capsule, (97 mg.), while the smallest Dexamyl tablet, had 5 mg "Dextroamphetamine sulfate I/R" and 32 mg of Sodium Amytal I/R. It was so popular, ii was
    easily noticed as a the triangular heart in bright green embossed SKF. The Spansules were marketed in bottles of 50 and 500, while the smaller 5 mg were marketed in 100 and 1,000 count. Dexamyl was also made in a Elixir, liquid, taken one teaspoon three times a day, sold to drug stores in 16 ounce bottles!!! SK&F finally lost
    their battle to have their incredible extention of this med, in the year 1982, almost 9 years, after the competitors had to remove their products by Federal statute.
    (the late John Bulushi, was a known in his circles, to take Dexamyl, and, was high wired on the drug from media sources, when he did the summersalts in the church,
    when the late James Brown was singing, in "the Blues Brothers" filmed in 1980.

    Stimulants I have tried:
    Benzedrine 5 mg Sulfate
    Benzedrine 10mg Spansules
    Benzedrine 15mg Spansules
    Desbutal 10 mg Gradumet
    Desbutal 15 mg Gradumet
    Dexedrine 5 mg Sulfate
    Dexedrine 10mg Spansule
    Dexedrine 15 mf Spansule
    BiPhetamine 20
    Bephetamine 12.5
    BiPhetamine T20 (famed red and black capsules with methaqualone)
    Ritalin 5mg
    Ritalin 10mg
    Ritalin 20mg
    Ritalin SR 10mg
    Preludin (Phenmetrazine 25mg)
    Preludin Enduret 50 mg
    Preludin Enduret 75 mg
    Tepanil TenTab 75 mg
    Tenuate 25mg
    Tenuate Dospan 75mg.
    Adderall 5mg I/R
    Adderall 10mg I/R
    Adderall 12.5mg I/R
    Adderall 20 mg I/R
    Obetrol 10mg (name changed to Adderall 1993)
    Obetrol 20mg (name changed to Adderall 1993)
    Desoxyn (original) without any barbiturate, the 5 mg size
    What did I do to calm down with the crash? a Cold Beer, and a 10mg Valium or a Arnar Stone Sopor, a Park Davis Parest 400mg, or a William H Rorer Quaalude 300mg
    Sopor and Parest were USA methaqualone made from around 1969 until the late 1970's. I also tried two 25 mg Librium, or one 500mg
    Doriden, to crash, with a beer, if I was crashing too fast and too hard, if they were available, 50% of the time I leaned on my script of
    Roche Valium 10 mg.

    What drug would I not take again? 75mg dose of Preludin. it made me grind my teeth is was so strong. and the 5 mg Desoxyn I/R was so strong, it also made me
    grind my teeth, and both drugs gave me a tachacardia. (irregular heartbeat) The Methamphetamine Gradumet, did the opposite, especially with the groovy slow, and
    mellow high onset. "the very best of them all" DexoxynGradumet 15mg.
    @misszippy thank you for your encouraging remarks about my battle. From 60 mg a day in my mid 40's on amphetamines, to, now only 15mg a day, is a daily struggle. I don't believe, I will ever be able to cut down any lower than 15 mg I/R's.
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    1.) Amphetamines Used: Adderall IR/XR, Vyvanse, Dex/Methylphenidate (Ritalin, Methylin, Concerta, Focalin), MDMA, MDA, as well as 4-methyl-pentedrone which isn't really amphetamine at all but oh well.

    2.) The Comedown: Adderall IR has an abrupt comedown leaving you feeling lethargic, craving more, and a slightly depressed/irritable mood. Adderall XR has a somewhat gradual comedown leaving you lethargic, and a slightly downed mood. Vyvanse has very little comedown, it's very gradual and leaves you slightly lethargic but mostly just tired.
    Now with Dex/Methylphenidate each brand/formulation is different Ritalin has a very abrupt comedown leaving you craving for more in a fiendish way, very lethargic and very irritable. Methylin however has the same exact effect as Ritalin yet has so noticeable comedown, you just will notice after 4 hours or so that you are no longer "up". Concerta has the worst of the phenidates I've tried VERY fiendish, irritable, depressed, lethargic etc. Now Focalin to me is almost just like taking concerta with a better high and all of the same comedown effects, just to a slightly lesser degree.
    MDMA has a comedown leaving you anywhere from slightly sad to very depressed causing a urge to do more but not in the same sense as a dopamine based stimulant, MDA however is harder to explain because it's sort of like coming down from amphetamine, mushrooms, and MDMA all at once but not super harsh. 4-methyl-pentedrone's comedown was minimal but left you craving, and lethargic.

    3.) Would I Use Them Again: Under the right circumstances, yes to all of the ones I've used except Concerta and 4-Methyl-Pentedrone. Concerta no because of the comedown, 4-methyl-pentedrone no because the high wasn't worth it.

    4.) I've used 5-HTP, L-Dopa, Benzo's, Antihistamines, ambien, alcohol, cannabis, etc

    5.) 5-htp is a wonder cure for mdma, and benzo's are a wonder cure for dopamine based stimulant comedowns. However the rest are always so, so.
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    What Amphetamine's you have experience with.

    - Adderall IR and XR
    - Vyvanse
    - Focalin
    - Ritalin
    - Cocaine

    What the comedown was like on that certain Amphetamine

    Adderall's was always the most intense, in either the IR or XR formulation. It felt like I was losing all my brain 'power' and that my intelligence was literally drifting out of my head, if you can imagine that. But when I came down from any of the amps I listed above, the main thing was that I started to lose focus AND willpower. Also, I remember Focalin as being the easiest comedown to deal with, but that was also partly because I felt like it was easily the least effective of the four amphetamines I listed.

    Cocaine though is purely physical - you actually FEEL the need to compulsively re-dose on coke while you're still high on it. The actual psychological comedown from coke, though, when the physical need to re-dose gets taken out of the equation, was next to non-existent.

    Would you use this Amphetamine again? Or was the comedown too hellish?

    Well, I haven't used amphetamine in a year and a few months, so, to be technical: nah. But I did use them for a year and a half almost daily before I quit....

    The comedown was hellish while not being hellish, if you can understand. It was hellish because you can literally feel the amphetamine fading away, and, with it, the increased alertness that it as a drug brings. But it wasn't really that hellish because the physical symptoms of withdrawal were not even a big deal - it was primarily the psychological aspect that was so agonizing for me, mainly because I almost exclusively took it to deal with schoolwork.

    And coke is just out of the question now.

    How you dealt with that comedown

    I dealt with the comedowns in two ways: 1) I got stoned and went to sleep; or 2) I got stoned and I re-dosed on more Adderall (my DOC of the amphetamine class of drugs). And yes, getting stoned was involved in both of my methods to alleviate the amphetamine comedown - the weed helped take the edge off...unfortunately, as a completely unintentional side effect, the weed high also made me more confident about how much amphetamine I could handle, so I commonly re-dosed after getting stoned if it was in the middle of the day/not late night.

    With coke - I would actually keep myself standing up, leaning against a dresser or something for support, whenever I came down. I was quite scared about having a heart issue/attack when lying down asleep.

    Would you use this comedown solution again?

    No. Today, if I still felt like I could handle amphetamines and if I were going to take them, I would just ride out the amphetamine comedown like a man and take it for what it is - adding on any other drugs to the amp comedown, in either weed, more amps, or whatever, doesn't help anything - in fact, it usually made whatever situation I was in from having taken my original dose of amps in the first place much, much worse.

    also...I've done MDMA/molly a number of times, but I personally just don't think molly fits with the other amphetamine drugs I've done so I'm not including it on here...
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    What Amphetamine's you have experience with.

    Ephedrine (or rather caps with ephedra extract)
    Amphetamine (street amp, no pharmaceuticals, lots of experience)

    there are more, but of the others i either took a too low dose, didn't feel anything (wtf meth? it's supposed to be the most intense one and while everyone else is high as kite i go to sleep?!?) or i'm not entirely sure about the identity.

    What the comedown was like on that certain Amphetamine

    Ephedrine: not very nice, exhausted, racing heart and dirty feeling, but bearable. cigarettes make me nauseous. starts out pretty mild but gets progressively worse with repeated use until the main effects disappear and i go straight to the comedown. physical symptoms dominate, but everything's fine the next day.

    Amphetamine: actually perfectly fine if you don't overdo it. the first few times i rather had a sort of afterglow. cigarettes make me nauseous. i mainly feel exhausted and am unable to sleep up until 4 hours from the last dose. with repeated use time between the last dose and being able to sleep decreases, but sadly the threshold for "overdoing it" decreases too. if the dose was especially high the comedown can be horribly depressing. slightly tired on the next day, but nothing major.

    MDMA: i find the comedown pleasant actually. although i'm obviously more exhausted than on amphetamine, everything still has a more positive feeling to it. lying down leads to a dreamy state with vivid imagery that effortlessly transforms into sleep. the downsides are consistently feeling uncomfortably cold and waking up with a painfully full bladder multiple times. moderately exhausted the next day, some emotional instability in the following days, but if nothing seriously unsettling happens, then everything's dandy.

    Methylone: the worst one i've had. after the effects subside, there is a lot of uncomfortable stimulation, racing heart, inability to sleep for many hours, chest pains and anxiety. that is followed by severe exhaustion the next day and depression, anxiety, bouts of racing heart and chest pains in the following week.

    MDPV: feels somehow milder but more uncomfortable than amphetamine. more physical symptoms and more depressed and sleep is more difficult. the next day there is some exhaustion, but nothing major.

    Would you use this Amphetamine again? Or was the comedown too hellish?

    Ephedrine: if it worked again like in the beginning (which it does not), i'd probably try it again, but not if amphetamine was available.
    Amphetamine: yes. i've learned to keep my dose sensible, so the comedown is perfectly managable.
    MDMA: yes, certainly.
    Methylone: no, the effects were nice, but the comedown is one of the worst drug experiences i've ever had.
    MDPV: no, but the comedown is not the main culprit here. its lack of overly pleasant effects is.

    How you dealt with that comedown

    Ephedrine: nothing (didn't have access to good things back then)
    Amphetamine: nothing, because it's not needed
    MDMA: nothing, it's mostly pleasant anyway
    Methylone: nothing, i'd rather not take any more substances when in such a state
    MDPV: bromazepam works like a charm

    Would you use this comedown solution again?

    i would take benzos if it was especially bad for amphetamine or MDPV (which i'm not taking again), but really i'd rather keep my dose low enough to avoid such a situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Renz Envy View Post
    Okay "Come Down Drugs" ARE NOT HR!!! Needing another substance to come off a substance can be a very bad habit for many people including myself. I cannot stress enough how bad it is to get into the habit of (For example) using a benzodiazepine for your slight discomfort during a dexedrine crash. But because everyone and their mother wants to come down like a feather, I'll write a guide of what I know based on experience and knowledge of these unsafe poly-drug combinations.

    1) All of these "Come Down Drugs" May cause decrease of motor function. None, especially GHB, should be used to operate a vehicle.
    2) There is a possibility to overdose when in conjunction with a stimulant, even during a crash.
    3) The dose needed should be kept staple to the dose you take sober. You are trying to lessen comedown effects, not get high again.
    4) Most stimulants will not react badly with any of these listed so long as REGULAR DOSES are taken.

    Benzodiazepines: Renz Note: Probably the safest option. Most benzos will cover the active life of most all stimulants.
    Pros: Calms anxiety, eases tenseness, helps sleep, lowered chance of seizure, may reduce blood pressure and tatchycardia by small margins. Some say some benzos are euphoric.
    Cons: I find it cancels any positive effects of the stimulant that may be lingering. Addictive. High doses lead to loss of memory and inhibitions. Abuse can lead to anxiety.

    GHB: Renz Note: Probably the healthiest option and most euphoric for many. Stick to at most 2 doses.
    Pros: Greatly Lowers Blood pressure-heart rate and temperature, Reverses dopamine (Brings back intense euphoria in many). Causes involuntary sleep in doses over 3-4grams, Helps replenish sodium lost during stimulant use (if it is NaGHB) and causes a healthy wave of growth hormone said to be over 16 times that of natural production. Normally a very "clear headed" high with stimulant-esque effects until excessive doses are taken.

    Cons: Increase risk of seizure, built up dopamine rebound during the active life of the stimulant can cause anxiety attacks, Very addictive to many, Dose curve is unmanageable by many people (Therefore they will try and get "high" and end up asleep on the bathroom floor instead.). I find it impossible to sleep on normal 1.5-2g doses of GHB until it begins to fade. (Too euphoric for me to want to sleep.)

    Alcohol:Renz Note: Least safe. Increased risk of alcohol poisoning and dehydration.
    Pros: May ease anxiety, similar to GHB- it can bring back a sense of euphoria (Though not as intense), May help sleep, vascodilation may help circulation

    Cons: Dehydration, Tatchycardia, High Blood pressure, Decrease of inhibitions, Alcohol poisoning, Unconsciousness, Vomitting, Addiction, Hangovers of hell,

    Weed:Renz Note: Least Addictive for many, Fairly harmless and probably the best option for the laid back type.
    Pros: Detracts many from the negatives of coming down, Promotes rest, Promotes appetite, Pleasureable, Not very harsh on the body, Not really addictive

    Cons: Tatchycardia, Paranoia, Lung Damage,
    you basically covered it all! lol- have to admit sometimes it is hard to come down and drink because i can't swallow, but GHB well no more questions asked!
    Very Informative- Thank you
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