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    I'm wondering if there might be a number of people regularly using codeine who might find themselves looking for a replacement once it goes script only. I've read the odd article in the news about a supposed hidden epidemic of (generally older, middle-aged) people becoming addicted to codeine containing pills.

    Codeine might be at the lowest end of the scale in terms of opiate strength but it's still hard to break a habit. A possible and undesirable outcome could be people turning to stronger, illicitly purchased drugs (ie. heroin/fentanyl).
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    ^That would be a horrible outcome. I think dependant peeps need to either speak to a doctor now akin to what zeph said or begin tapering.

    That said, codeine withdrawal even from high doses is definitely manageable cold turkey but like all opiates it's not a load of laughs. Some pot, immodium and something sleepy are key.

    I've been thru it many times so if anyone out there needs advice, please PM me.
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    Its perfectly reasonable to use codeine when you need to, I use it as I get a lot of back pain and it helps with flu etc.

    Im worried people will accidently overdose on paracetamol as a result of mot being able to just pick up a packet of codeine.

    There isnt a replacement. This is the stupid thing about going hard core against it.

    You just need to tell your gp before the change and unfortunately get a script.

    Its one of the most stupid things ever. Thing is if you are sick and can soldier on with codral then people go to work. If you need to get a script may as well get a med certificate and not bother going.
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