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    ~The NMI Adoption Program~ v. 2013 

    As a new member to Bluelight, sometimes it can be a bit intimidating to try and search around for information. It can be like walking into a library with endless rows of books and information. We are here to help you Some members of the Bluelight family have offered up there time to help you. The program is called ~The NMI Adoption Program~ v. 2013. We will be around to help guide you through the forum by guiding you to different areas of the forum or in the very least, setting you in the right direction. This is a very welcoming community with a focus on keeping everybody safe through harm reduction (HR). We love your faces and hope to see you around! Don't be afraid to utilize this program even if you are not so new to the forum as everybody has questions and no question is too silly or undeserving of an answer.

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    I didn't realise how old Bluelight actually was.
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    'hey oldheadddd!
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    My go to answer site for years but just now figuring out how to become a member and post lol
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    Im trying to figure out this site as well. I think this is an amazing place to get real and important info.
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