Thread: serotonin syndrome how long will it take to recover?

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    Personally to me sounds like a bad comedown, or a comedown that triggered some sort anxiety pattern, or depersonalization episode, that has switched around your brain chemistry for a while. I wouldn't resort to prescription drugs unless exercise, eating right, and keeping busy(very important) to keep you mind off of things. If after 3-4 months of doing this almost everyday and no improvement, then I might seek help professionally. Sometimes we put thing in our body that shouldn't be, and it takes it a while to come out of it 'alive' or 'normal'.... Hang in there you'll be alright, and you definitely learned your lesson.
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    if you are taking antidepressants, dont take ssri , i was on it, i was researching and the chemistry involved is SO similar to mdma and co. they desentize the same receptors so dont do that, there are other meds that can help you not ssri. i wish it gets better ! it will !! i asure you!
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    What did the Nurses tell you on the day of being released from hospital?
    Whatever advice they gave you, take it on board, as they are the ones that saved you.
    But the real life savers are the paramedics, they don't get the respect they deserve.
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    surprisingly i am recovering pretty fast after only a few months lets hope it stays that way
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