Thread: Question about ingesting vs snorting 20mg of norco

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    Question about ingesting vs snorting 20mg of norco 
    I've never snorted Norco's but I recently went from 15-20mg's everyday to get high at 4am (I work 3rds). I get pretty high, was wondering what might happen if I snorted them? Thanks
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    Most likely a clogged nose. Think about all that Tylenol that's interfering with the hydrocodone being absorbed.
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    eat em imo
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    too much powder
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    Fuck You, thats why!
    hydrocodone is closely related to codeine i dont think it works insufflated.
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    The pill is a huge amount of powder, most of which is APAP/acetaminophen. It will take forever to snort that much powder and it probably will not do anything except cause the majority of the hydrocodone in it to be swallowed after it drips down your throat.

    Plainly stated, it is incredibly stupid to snort a norco/vicodin.
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    Yea snorting those is just about the worst thing you could possibly do, just take them orally on an empty stomach.
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