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    Zubsolv Questions 
    Hello bluelighters! I am a frequent visitor, finally decided to make an account to join in on discussions! Which brings me to my first post regarding my new script of zubsolv. I've used suboxone before (strips) and I know that you can use them intranasally but I recently got switched to zubsolv. Both my doctor and the manufacturer state that you should not in any circumstance break the pill, but the same is stated for OxyContin and I know that's BS.

    So my question is, is there anyone else on here who has used or still uses these that has attempted snorting them? Do they not work if broken? Do they work intranasally? I've searched the internet far and wide with no results. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

    This is the pill I have:

    (Yes I know you shouldn't snort your mess I know it's bet etc... And for what it's worth I take my meds as prescribed 99% of the time but I do like to take them this way once in a blue moon.)
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    Well since this stuff is apparently so new that very few people have experience with it I will take the reigns and describe my experience trying this out for the first time:

    First dose was taken today, I took one pill out of the blister package, snorted a quarter of it, and put the rest under my tongue. It has a kpin-like burn when snorted, I quite enjoy the menthol feel in the nose. It worked phenomenally well intranasally as I now have a buzz which I can almost compare to taking 15mg of roxixcodone! Not to mention that this stuff tastes 1000x better than suboxone's orangey taste (yuck!) overall very very pleased with these results! Highly suggest trying this if you are unhappy with your suboxone or generic equivalent! By the way, unlike the generic tablets, which I've been told are hard to break apart, zubsolv is easily crushed into a fine powder. (Bonus points!)
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