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    Etizest vs Etilaam/MD 
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    So I accidentally was sent etizest instead of my original Etilaam-MD which I ordered and absolutely love. I've read over and over that etizest is superior to the other brands of etizolam. However, I've found it gives almost absolutely no affect. While I'd rather not get into a debate about water soluability or anything like that, I did find I got at least something positive out of snorting one.

    Can anyone explain why this is? Isn't all etizolam the same thing essentially? I'm naive when it comes to the intrict details of pharmacology but it's odd to me that I've had etizest on two seperate occasions and nearly no positive results; nothing compared to regular etilaam or MD.

    Anyone else experience this? Any ideas as to why?

    EDIT: I never use etizolam through the ROA of insufflation but decided to give it a shot since nothing was happeneing!

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    SO many factors. I have the intas brand and they work just fine. Yet there are many people with the same brand saying it's just a sugar pill and it does absolutely nothing for them.

    I too have heard the etizest is the better brand so idk, never tried them myself. Impossible to tell what is in your pill, is the etizest made in India like the intas? Quality control might be a factor here too.

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    Hows your stomach content? Tolerance? Like LG said there's alot of factors. Also etizest pills have a shitload of binder, far more than etilaam and 1mg of etizolam. Your mucous membranes were likely clogged before that tiny 1 mg amount had any time to reach. Etilaam are better for snorting but just yesterday I railed 2mgs of etizest brand etizolam and was pretty chilled. I find etizest FAR superior to etilaam. Give oral ROA a go.

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    Try taking it sub-lingually. Its by far the most superior way of taking etizolam.

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    its (etizolam) likely just accumulated within your nasal passage and passed down through to begin first pass metabolism in your stomach.

    noone is going to be able to answer such an open ended question, these things are impossible to pinpoint.

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    I used to have amazing results with Etilaam yet found the product to go drastically downhill over the past 12 months and it isn't a tolerance issue as I keep benzo (thieno) usage to a minimum, opiate addiction is enough ='].

    About 2 months ago I got a box of 50 Etizest and found it took at least 5mg (if there is actually 1mg per pill) to chill me out and put me to sleep. When with Etilaam 2-3 used to absolutely flatten me!

    But over the past 12ish months, I have bought, from many different places, the home pressed, Etilaam and Etizest and failed to find what I had been looking for with effects, compared to what they used to do. I haven't tried powder as I still haven't got around to getting microgram scales yet so not a grand idea to eyeball that stuff...

    As been said and what I eventually put it down to, was the matter of quality control, or greed maybe? Using more filler? I dunno but it is frustrating as I found great use for Etizolam every now and then.



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    I think the branding of the pill is completely irrelevant tbh; the important thing is whether the manufacturer has put enough of the active drug in the tablet. There's a rumour that intas tablets could contain up to 30% percent less etizolam in their tablets; which is pretty significant. I've used all three of the big "brands" and noticed no real difference at all.

    So, the best brand of tablet IMHO is the one which contains exactly the amount of etizolam that it's sold as having. I only use the pure powder now, myself; it's significantly cheaper, and you know exactly what you're getting. (That is, if the source is trustworthy).

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    i have taken plenty of intas etilaam and lately taken etizest and they are basically the same..i prefer etizest only because they are easy to break in half..other than that, i have noticed NO decline in quality since taking these etiz...1 mg STILL relaxes me even after a year plus taking them...btw, i have only taken etiz that come in blister packs...

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    I've used a lot of blistered tablets, but luckily I've had no problems at all with the loosely packaged generic pills (I believe the vendors press these themselves), and these work out far cheaper than blisters. Far as I know, all diclazepam and pyrazolam on the market are vendor-pressed generics; I've not heard of branded tablets of these two.

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    We don't allow these comparison between especially RC brands.... sorry, read the guidelines.

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