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    Tell you how much music moves me, When the night train first came olong, sitting in mates house, a little ahead of them, i was there, fell off the thing, looked at the reast of the gang, not there yet, so i sat and felt the beat, and went straight back there. trance and me is like sugur in your coffee, sweet.
    Fell away from the scene for a while due to some girl putting a thumb on my head, but coming back ... SEX DRUGS, AND FUCK THE ROCK AND ROLL, give me trance and let the party begin. Great post guys!!
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    i used to listen to trance, dnb and electro when in bed before i went to sleep. then my ipod got stolen

    ecstasy has also broadened my horizon, its helped me discover dubstep and given me a higher appreciation for electronic music in general. especially tiesto i honestly see why so many people love his music
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    Try Vibrasphere on for size.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nephil View Post
    Out of the many, many, songs that really MOVE me, here are a few of my fav's:
    (in random order)
    -Stakka, Skynet & Friction...Altitude
    -Moseh Naim...NEEM 01(shooting star)
    -Hybrid...Kid 2000
    -teebee...silent depths
    -Amon Tobin...Pirhana breaks
    -Robbie rivera...Harder and faster (weapon vs e- sassin remix) is not a game
    -TGM...Infinity 2.0 be continued...
    [ 28 March 2002: Message edited by: nephil ]
    11 years on from your post... feel like I have to thank you for hooking me up with this tune
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    Best post on Bluelight!
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