Thread: Restricting carb hole of glass pipe for better hit??

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrayZ View Post
    Lol, and I started imagining these big glass balls...
    lol strange but good vision, glass is good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crankinit View Post
    Haha. Yeah there's no way a bong ban would ever work properly. Although funnily, the meth pipe ban seems to have worked in SA, to an extent. 5 years ago when I actually smoked the stuff, you didn't have to go far to find a sex shop or dodgy gas station that sold them, but when I tried a while back I couldn't find a single one - had to order it on the internet (which makes the ban pretty fucking pointless anyway when you can have it delivered to your door in a day or two - yay for the war on drugs!).
    Yeah good old adelaide lol. Not like that in sydney. I recently got myself a new sweet puff, i wont say where i was but there were plenty of tobaconists etc within pretty close range. I was able to go to several different shops get prices (from every one of them) then haggle a bit to get the best price. Ended up paying almost half what the first tool wanted to charge me (mind you that was insanely overpriced)
    I do know from experience however that in smaller cities, towns and even out in the burbs they can be hard to get hold of.
    Always keep a backup, for the cost of one of these babies it makes sense, especially if you live in a tough area to buy one
    Secondly, take care of the one you have, dont knock it about and clean it well and often.
    But yeah, good old SA, beautiful place but some things i just dont miss
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    Poked a hole straight through the bottom of the bowl cleaning w and QTIP (hella thin glass), clean hole, but now there's the carb hole and the broken one. Smoking a bowl between the two holes.. a waste or is it safe ???
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