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    Red face
    aww man! I'm just now reading this...I'm such a potser! I really gotta read this board more often...
    and I thought us girls talked more...
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    damn it i knew i forgot to gossip to someone! lov4e ya girl.
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    Bluelight Crew
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    hell yeah, i told ya you would be pimpin it out soon enough I'm so happy for you, it sounds like you had a wonderful time!! heheh i'd go on and on here, but i've already given you about 100 congrats heheh keep pimpin fly boy, or some shit like that heh...
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    This made me smile. Thank you!
    Congrats, my bluelight brother.
    "I believe that if people would learn to use LSD's vision-inducing capability more wisely, under suitable conditions, in medical practice and in conjunction with meditation, then in the future this problem child could become a wonder child"
    -Dr. Albert Hofmann
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    i dont know how old this is but i am really JEALOUS OF HOW HAPPY AND LUCKY U WERE

    and my eyes really hurt from rubbin them, not fron this thread but there was somethin in them and i rubbed them but then there was shit on my hands so i got more shit in them now i cant see really good and i tryed to wash them out but it didnt really help, maybe made it worst i think whatever was in them cant be harmed by water umm ill think of something
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    what a cool story, go for it mate.
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    Nice story!

    My first time wasn't all that good, but she turned out to be a bitch anyway ^^

    Hope you stay together.
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    damn I wish my v-card expired like yours did instead of some drunken night i hardly remember...oh well (rolls eyes)
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    The Afterlife? Elysium? Heaven? Hell? A Void??? ASTRAL PLAIN??? I DUNNO MAN THIS SOME GOOD DMT!!
    LOL wtf
    who gets laid then first thing they think about is comin on BL to rant about it?? Am I only one who thinks that this douche has just sold his entire dignity to random strangers? Or is it normal for people to rant about losing their virginity to random strangers and the whole world to see?

    Yeeesh whatever happened to people being 'respectful' of their sexual relations with others? I guess everytime I bang a girl I should get a T-shirt made-up with her name on it and a big I JUST BANGED: ______, right? Cause thats basically exactly what this thread is the internet equivalent of.

    No respect man.
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    lol, i had a similar situation happen(not with my virginity)
    but asked a girl i had literally known for only a few hours if she would go to a weekend campout rave with me.
    we fucked the first night at the rave,
    and it was great.
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    You lucky man! I wish my first time had been anywhere near as good as yours sounds like.

    Sounds like a wonderful experience.
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    cant believe all these years later we are still respondign to this.... fucking crazy great story though.
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    Are they married yet?
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    I was hoping there would be a post at the end by the OP crying that she got pregnant : (
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    Wow.. reading that just chilled me right out.
    I hope things are still going strong.
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    not trolling SLR
    haha, great story.

    I lost my virginity when i was 15. to my teacher (I'm a guy)
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    I lost mine to a girl I knew for 45 minutes =\ Oh ya, thread necro bump.
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