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    Red face
    aww man! I'm just now reading this...I'm such a potser! I really gotta read this board more often...
    and I thought us girls talked more...
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    damn it i knew i forgot to gossip to someone! lov4e ya girl.
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    hell yeah, i told ya you would be pimpin it out soon enough I'm so happy for you, it sounds like you had a wonderful time!! heheh i'd go on and on here, but i've already given you about 100 congrats heheh keep pimpin fly boy, or some shit like that heh...
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    This made me smile. Thank you!
    Congrats, my bluelight brother.
    "I believe that if people would learn to use LSD's vision-inducing capability more wisely, under suitable conditions, in medical practice and in conjunction with meditation, then in the future this problem child could become a wonder child"
    -Dr. Albert Hofmann
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    i dont know how old this is but i am really JEALOUS OF HOW HAPPY AND LUCKY U WERE

    and my eyes really hurt from rubbin them, not fron this thread but there was somethin in them and i rubbed them but then there was shit on my hands so i got more shit in them now i cant see really good and i tryed to wash them out but it didnt really help, maybe made it worst i think whatever was in them cant be harmed by water umm ill think of something
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    what a cool story, go for it mate.
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    Nice story!

    My first time wasn't all that good, but she turned out to be a bitch anyway ^^

    Hope you stay together.
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    damn I wish my v-card expired like yours did instead of some drunken night i hardly remember...oh well (rolls eyes)
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    The Afterlife? Elysium? Heaven? Hell? A Void??? ASTRAL PLAIN??? I DUNNO MAN THIS SOME GOOD DMT!!
    LOL wtf
    who gets laid then first thing they think about is comin on BL to rant about it?? Am I only one who thinks that this douche has just sold his entire dignity to random strangers? Or is it normal for people to rant about losing their virginity to random strangers and the whole world to see?

    Yeeesh whatever happened to people being 'respectful' of their sexual relations with others? I guess everytime I bang a girl I should get a T-shirt made-up with her name on it and a big I JUST BANGED: ______, right? Cause thats basically exactly what this thread is the internet equivalent of.

    No respect man.
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    lol, i had a similar situation happen(not with my virginity)
    but asked a girl i had literally known for only a few hours if she would go to a weekend campout rave with me.
    we fucked the first night at the rave,
    and it was great.
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    You lucky man! I wish my first time had been anywhere near as good as yours sounds like.

    Sounds like a wonderful experience.
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    cant believe all these years later we are still respondign to this.... fucking crazy great story though.
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    Are they married yet?
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    I was hoping there would be a post at the end by the OP crying that she got pregnant : (
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    Wow.. reading that just chilled me right out.
    I hope things are still going strong.
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    not trolling SLR
    haha, great story.

    I lost my virginity when i was 15. to my teacher (I'm a guy)
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    Performance Enhancing Drugs
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    I lost mine to a girl I knew for 45 minutes =\ Oh ya, thread necro bump.
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    On my birthday. Well done. Now you will remember me forever.

    (Names withheld)

    It all begins on June 8th at a free party in San Francisco. I went with three other Bluelighters, and there were a few more at the party. I'm not into dancing all that much, I just like to listen to music and meet new people. It was a pretty cool function, I had a nice time. Towards the end of the party, I was standing by myself watching a few people when out of nowhere a girl acosts me. I didn't really know her too well, but she was a friend of a Bluelighter. She started talking to me and asking me questions about myself. I didn't think much of it at the time since I always talk to people at parties and I thought she was just being friendly. I remember thinking that I while I was talking to her I thought she was very pretty and very nice. I found she was 20 years old, and I told her I was only 18. I was surprised when she said she thought I was older, but she actually liked younger guys. I should also point out she is NOT a virgin and has a good amount of experience with sex. She told me a lot about herself, and I thought she was a real down earth person. We talked for about an hour, but sadly the party ended and we were forced to go our seperate ways. I was really happy about what had just happened, since I've never actually had a girl just come up and start a conversation with me.

    A few days after the party, I get an e-mail from her Bluelighter friend saying she was diggin' me and we should hang out again. So that Saturday, her and myself went to see The Bourne Identity with two other Bluelighters (one male and one female). The whole movie we were flirting with each other, although I must confess it's not something I do well.

    After the movie, she mentions that we should go back to her place for some drinks. I'm not much of a drinker, and I thought I'd be driving anyways, so I decided not to drink. She and the other two Bluelighters had some drinks, and we all spent the whole night just hanging out. A few times, her and I found ourselves alone in her backyard since she smokes ciggarettes, but she only does so outside. It was during this instances that we talked about a wide range of subjects such as music, movies, relationships and all sorts of other things. She was somewhat drunk, but that didn't effect our conversation at all. Eventually, we kissed a few times and we held hands and looked up at the dark night sky filled with bright stars. I had a huge smile on my face because I was so happy, this girl made me feel special. Thr rest of the night we talked and listened to music. In the morning, I gave the male Bluelighter a ride home and returned to her house. We hung out for a bit and then I went home, but not before she gave me her phone number.

    For the whole week, I thought about her, but for whatever dumb reason I couldn't muster up the courage to call her. On Saturday (6/22), the male Bluelighter and I decided to go see Star Wars at around 7 PM. Before I left my house for his, I decided to call her up to see if she wanted to hang out afterwards. Her roommate answered the phone and told me she wasn't home, but he'd tell her I called. While I did enjoy the movie, I was secretly wishing it would hurry up and end so I could call her. So when it did end, we went back to his house and I called her. She told us to come over so we could drink again. The interesting thing is, my friend and I had made plans to candyflip (LSD + MDMA) that day. It would've been my first time on acid. When he told me it take about two and half hours for the microdots to kick in, I declined. It was already 10:00 PM, and I figured I'd be driving home in the morning. This proved to be significant because I find it hard to become aroused while rolling, and having sex for the first while on acid would've been pretty difficult!

    We arrived at her house at about 11:00 PM, and I playfully apoligized to her for not calling her all week. The female Bluelighter was inside the house, as well as two of her friends. She was already a little drunk, and I figured I'd have a drink or two since when I drink it goes right through me and I sober up very quickly. So after a little drinking I get quite buzzed and I feel the need to lie down. This was at about 1:00 AM. For some reason, I start to feel very tired and I fall asleep. Next thing I know, she woke me up at about 2:00 AM, although I didn't know I slept that long. She said we should go in her room and chill on her bed.

    In her room, we started talking, which eventually lead to us making out. We were talking the whole time, and the subject of sex comes up. We discussed it at length for a good amount of time, when we confessed to each other that having sex right then and there sounded like a good idea. It wasn't a decision I made lightly, since I had the idea in my head for quite some time, despite the fact I wasn't planning on it. I also thought about how I just met her, but I also knew a lot about her. She was also a lot different from any other girl I'd ever "talked to" and she made me feel like I really mattered to her.

    She isn't very bashful, and she practically tore my clothes right off of me and she removed her own without hesitation. Since I had never even been CLOSE to having sex I was visibly nervous, and she asked if some music would make me feel better. She turned on her radio and I felt somewhat more relaxed, but still a little shaky. She told me to relax and that she would take control. She got on top of me, and she proceeded to dominate me. She rode rigorously for a few minutes, but she stopped because my "manhood" was hurting her since she said I was a "big boy".

    We then talked for a few minutes and held each other. I remember thinking how lucky I was, and thought this was all very wonderful because I actually do care for her very much. After talking, we decided to go at it again. After about ten more minutes of her riding me very roughly ( ) I came. We did not use a condom, but she is currently on the pill. We then laid in her bed for a few minutes and talked a little. After that, we put our clothes back on and ventured into her living room, where everybody else had left. We went outside to smoke a ciggarette, and I must say, it was the best ciggarette I ever had.
    The whole time, I just remember thinking how lucky I was to have met her. Not because we had sex, but because she is a really sweet, caring and genuine person. I also told her that I felt like I was the coolest guy on the earth.

    After all was said and done, I realized it was about 5:30 and that I should be home since my folks who be worrying about me, although I felt bad because I was leaving her. She totally understood, but I still felt a little guilty.

    After a hug and kiss at the front door I was on my freeway, although I must confess my body was still a little shaky so it was difficult to drive!

    I made it home at about 6:00 and I went straight to bed, still thinking about her and what had just happened.

    Ever since then, I can't stop thinking about her, and I spend every moment looking forward to being with her again. I know some of you may scoff at the idea of me having sex for the first time with somebody I've only known for a few weeks, but I've already established a relationship with her unlike any other I've had with other girl. She makes me feel special in ways that can't be describe, and I can only hope I do the same for her.

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