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    I've done my fair share of meth back in the day, via every ROA except for plugging, but I never did understand the "pickers". I always thought that was so nasty.
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    Never been a picker myself. Ive never seen the bug thing either thankfully. Ive seen shit that wasnt there but never bugs
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    I pick my face (and fingers) tweaker style constantly every day while 100% sober. my skin is a fucking mess. after actually being on meth/other amphetamines for any period of time I look worse than the worst of the "faces of meth" photos in terms of picking sores. one of the many reasons I don't do that shit anymore. it's bad enough as is.
    wish I could control the compulsion. one of my many compulsive behaviours and one of if not the most out of control. I'm just glad/lucky I don't scar easily.
    combine my compulsive skin picking w/ my anorexia and severe anxiety disorder and I play the part of a meth addict extremely convincingly despite never having been addicted to meth and not even have used it in several years. blah.
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