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    The MDxx Discussion Thread No.4 
    Australia & Asia Drug Discussion
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    This is the new thread is for discussion which relates to the use of MDxx; MDMA, MDA, MDEA, etc.

    This thread is for general discussion of MDxx only. There is to be no discussion of specific pills, or anything akin to a pill info request. To post such information or request it, please visit either:

    Australian Drug Discussion Pill Info Request sub-forum

    Please follow the guidelines as well for posting on both of those links.

    The reason for that we do not want Pill Info Requests or similar discussion in this thread is because the information tends to get lost among the posts, whereas in PIR or each pill has it's own page for discussion, making finding a specific pill much easier.

    Here are the previous installments: 1, 2 and 3.
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    Excellent report on MDMA pills over the years, quite a long read but worth it
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    Interesting article - thanks mister.
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    Yeah that article has loads of info, great read, thanks.
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    Chemistry prodigy Alexander Shulgin goes to war with the DEA when his psychedelic cure to treat PTSD hits the streets as the party drug Ecstasy.
    Watch it online here -
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    Federal police seize 1.2 tonnes of MDMA in Sydney

    The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have seized more than 1.2 tonnes of the drug MDMA in Sydney, worth an estimated street value of $145 million.

    The haul was found during an AFP-led operation this week, an AFP spokeswoman said today.

    MDMA is a methamphetamine also commonly known as ecstasy.


    MDMA tablets worth $145 million seized by AFP in Sydney drug raid

    The Australian Federal Police have seized 4 million MDMA tablets during a raid on a storage facility in Hornsby, in Sydney's north.

    It is estimated the drugs amounted to 1.2 tonnes and had a street value of $145 million.

    The seizure is the AFP's largest drug haul for 2016.

    Two Polish nationals have been arrested and will face court today.

    Border Force Commander Tim Fitzgerald said the drugs came from Czechoslovakia and the syndicate went to extreme lengths to conceal them.

    "The goods were declared as aluminium rolls and within the aluminium rolls there was a number of lead casings that concealed the actual narcotics themselves, so it's a very sophisticated concealment," he said.

    The raid was part of a joint operation with the Australian Border Force.
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    9 News says crystal and the abc says tablets?
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    yeah, seems so.

    Two Polish men charged after 1.2 tonnes of MDMA seized in Sydney

    Two Polish nationals have been charged after police seized more than 1.2 tonnes of crystal MDMA, with an estimated street value of $145 million, in Sydney's north.

    “This is the largest haul in Australia so far in 2016 and the fourth-largest ecstasy seizure on record,” Minister for Justice Michael Keenan and Minister for Immigration and Border Protect Peter Dutton said in a joint press release.

    “The size of this seizure and the amount of harm it would have caused cannot be understated,” Mr Keenan and Mr Dutton said.

    The MDMA crystals were seized at a storage facility in Hornsby during a joint AFP and Australian Border Force operation earlier this week.

    The haul equated to more than 4.1 million ecstasy tablets “destined for the streets,” Mr Keenan and Mr Dutton said.

    “This is a hammer blow for organised crime and a clear message that we will not tolerate those who try to exploit our borders for their own gain.”

    Both men are expected to appear in Parramatta Local Court this afternoon, and could face life in prison if found guilty.

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    from the afp page -

    More than a tonne of MDMA valued at $145 million seized, two men charged

    Australia’s largest drug haul this year has resulted in more than a tonne of crystal MDMA saved from entering the community and two men facing life behind bars after an Australian Federal Police (AFP) operation in Sydney in the past 48 hours.

    Two Polish nationals, aged 28 and 29, will face Parramatta Local Court today (Saturday, 15 October 2016) charged with serious drug importation offences following the seizure of 1.2 tonnes of crystal MDMA (ecstasy) which has an estimated street value of $145 million.

    The investigation commenced on Wednesday, 12 October 2016, as a result of intelligence received and working collaboratively with the Australian Border Force.

    On Thursday night (13 October 2016), the AFP executed a search warrant on a storage facility at Hornsby, NSW, where police located a consignment of aluminum rollers which had arrived in Sydney from Europe on Monday, 15 August 2016.

    Subsequent examinations revealed about 1.2 tonnes of crystal MDMA concealed in the rollers. This equates to more than 4.1 million ecstasy tablets.

    Further forensic testing is being conducted to confirm the exact weight and purity of the drugs seized.

    Yesterday (Friday, 14 October 2016), AFP members arrested the two Polish nationals. Both men were later charged with:

    one count of importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug, namely MDMA, contrary to Section 307.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth); and
    one count of attempting to possess a commercial quantity of an unlawfully imported border controlled drug, namely MDMA, contrary to Section 307.5 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth).
    These offences carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

    The men were refused bail, and they are scheduled to appear before Parramatta Local Court today.

    AFP Deputy Commissioner Operations Justine Saunders said this is Australia’s biggest drug bust for 2016 and the amount of crystal MDMA has an estimated street value of $145 million.

    “This is the fourth largest seizure of MDMA in Australian history, and an important outcome for our community,” Deputy Commissioner Saunders said.

    “The size of this seizure and the amount of potential harm cannot be understated. It shows the lengths to which criminal syndicates will go to profit off the misery of others – while there is demand for illicit substances, criminals will attempt to supply it.

    “We are resolute in our efforts to stop the supply in the interest of public safety. The ability of the Australian Federal Police and its partners to detect and disrupt criminal activity has never been stronger.

    ”In relation to this operation, investigations are continuing into all aspects of this importation and further arrests are anticipated.”
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    I think the ABC's article got fucked up a bit and they used this line from the afp -

    This equates to more than 4.1 million ecstasy tablets.
    which they mistakenly referred to the bust being 4 million tabs.
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    Fuck the dog snitch who tipped them off. As theres way over suppply of high purity chinese meth atm this will just pretty much result 1.4 tonnes more ice smoked (indirectly)

    Hopefully the solid local queensland MDMA supply maintains or things may go down hill in melb and syd in the molly scene
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    Wow what amazing work by the federal police, they are fantastic and what they do protecting the kids from such an evil substance that makes everybody peaceful and loving.

    Now the kids can get the local product made in backyards.
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    Unfortantly this wasnt the result of great police work or customs and border control detection. It was all because of a "tip off" aka either most likely:
    1. A selfish fuck part of the operation perhaps even lower in the upper chain (distributers who get large proportions of the total ammount in australiaor more probable a commercial supplier who gets off the distributers. Generally i imagine the most significant profit would be this gap between the distributers (who would more than likelybe part of the same circle of people who send it..) and considering the the shit all cost of that in comparison too the first outsider buying and paying Australian Prices (whether it be a gram or a kilo, our prices are way way above average world prices.
    And if they knew about the quantity of the shipment could probably make way more money (with criminal risk) and live happily ever after by informing the feds with gureetee of immunity and $xx if whats said is correct.


    Someomes just gotten themselfs a get out of jail free card due to someone runing there mouth to the wrong ears. Either way a big FUCK YOU to the tip offer.

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    Regarding tip offs, I just watched a brilliant movie The Infiltrator based on a true story

    A little off topic but when the police say a tip off, I think they mean someone under cover
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    Its a standard line which could cover any catagry where privecy is important. If you meant an informant then deffinatly. But if it was the work of AFP officers, even if they commenced under cover officers in part of the operationing, they would and ive seen many times glorify there work including how good a job under cover officers did. Remember once an investigation has reached the arrest and prosecute stages. Any officers involved including undercovet agents will testify as witnesses too the prosecution sides benifit. All courts are open to public unless it concerns specialist grounds such as underage age children ect
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    The stuff I've read about how the police force chews up undercovers is disgusting. The terrible trauma these people go through for the "job" and they get royally fucked at the end of it.

    Makes you wonder why they did it in the first place.
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    A 28-year-old member of the Hells Angels criminal bikie gang has been arrested and charged with drug trafficking offences in Adelaide.

    Detectives raided a home in Davoren Park on Wednesday and found 150 ecstasy tablets and two kilograms of cannabis, South Australia Police allege.

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    Hello all

    A friend has come upon some MDxx crystals that test quite well. To dark blue to black. Strange thing is it is a matte, darker shade of grey. We have never seen crystals this colour. While it's tested ok I still have reservations. Erowid claims most Mdxx or pure MDMA is white to grey in colour. Would it be wise to test its purity?

    Has anyone ever heard of grey MD? Apologies if this post is not allowed.

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    Had plenty of grey MDMA. It's not that uncommon.
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    Yep MDMA seems to be floating around everywhere atm. Both pills and rocks. I like acid/shrooms myself, but might try some after a long hiatus considerin the quality is there.

    It usually floors me, also im already empathetic and lovey dovey enough at a party to need more empathy. Thats why i like amphets more. only need the dopamine
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    Pure MDMA is white (and can be fluffy). Various chemicals left over from the manufacturing process (when not washed) or introduced contaminants can change the colour. If by "pure" you mean no other psychoactive substances then yes, it could be grey I guess. Or any other colour.
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    Just a heads up to anyone living in the areas around Melbourne that are populated with backpackers, quite a few are selling a plethora of drugs to test your shit. I got sold a bag of sugar and they claimed it was mdma. Go knows what else they are palming off as drugs but please be careful of backpackers selling drugs in any city in Australia. It appears that they are selectively scamming people as I get legit acid and weed off this same person which is why I trusted them. Always test your shit. If they won't let you take a minuscule amount out of a cap or bag that your about to buy or if they claim that they are running late and have to drop and run, don't trust them
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldred3s View Post
    If they won't let you take a minuscule amount out of a cap or bag that your about to buy or if they claim that they are running late and have to drop and run, don't trust them
    Good advice. At least it was sugar and not something dangerous. I've never come across backpackers trying to sell. They usually the ones looking for stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaden_Nite View Post
    Good advice. At least it was sugar and not something dangerous. I've never come across backpackers trying to sell. They usually the ones looking for stuff.
    There is a network of them where I am. The shit thing is it was cut so heavily that the reaction is extremely weak. Some bits would test positive and some bits very very minimal positive reaction. I have been trying to find out if the sugar can be removed as it's not exactly safe to just measure out and hope for the best. Apparently sugar dose not dissolve in anhydrous acetone.
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    Anyone else obtained any of this black mdma crystal in Melbourne? When it crushed up it more grey than black. I have tested with marquis and it went purple to black in few seconds.
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