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    Real meth or cut up??? Help, newbie here 
    I know, I've heard a thousand times "if u need to ask then it ain't real" but there are so many different ideas on what method should or shouldn't do that at this point my head is spinning!!!!

    So my friend got some new product the other night (she always tests it out BEFORE paying) well when she did she was in her dealer's shed (not much light) and didn't have preferred heat(only a bic) nor the best glass, when she was given the bag the crystals seemed somewhat dark but rather clear not very large but not powder with , the product was quite oily and seemed not to withstand pressure very well( broke easily when being handled) at other times she has gotten stuff like this and it rocked her world so she proceeded to test the product (again couldn't see very well) she continued to essientally scorch the product and end up with a very oily puddle in the glass that took FOREVER to re-solidify (also during initial melting sizzled like water , and after liquified almost immediately upon heating) anyway when it did start to recrystallize came back with a pattern I've seen reffered to as "leporad or frekles" that being said she started with 3.5gs after a few hits getting past the scorchidness she began to feel very euphoric and energetic she purchased a second 3.5gs andade her way home from the second bag crystals were larger and when melted still sizzeled tho it formed slowly was clear and the tell tell "crack back" as we neared her place (roughly an hour) she began experienceing a headache she wld normally associate with lack of sleep or hunger (given its been two weeks since her last bienge) she feels was good on both so decided to try everybody's favorite route (more dope) after say three maybe four bowls between two ppl she just felt lethargic with a headache (given it was 3-4am ) after starting between 4-5 she chalked it up to the end of the night ate and crashed but then the next morning after eating a small breakfast she tried again , this time , the adrenaline was barely there long enough to register and little to no euphoria with again the dreaded headache, after much research and forum scanning she decided an acetone wash wouldn't kill her if it all was soluble in acetone she didn't want it anyway right? So after the acetone there were notable differences such as the crystals were much clearer the after product was much dryer ( didn't stick tplo bag or fingers as before) BUT still took forever to reform andelted immediately with heat taste is better but not great and still slow with the crackback but with me being the natural tweak i am i hate to be left in the dark so i have been researching for days what could do this and again im finding confluctinting information can someone please shead some light on this??? Was my friend ripped off or is she over thinking and cleating her own buzz, could it be cut, did it not dry long enough (20 mins in pven at 150 and then room temp with fan fpr 2-3hours any suggestions , thats alot of product to chalk up as loss please help

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    Ugh. Look, meth comes in a variety of strengths...some meth is better than other meth, some people are better at synthesizing the drug (which is generally high-purity anyway, at least high when compared to other the purity of other street drugs like cocaine)...there is "good meth" and "bad meth". If you use long enough you'll experience both at least once in your "career". If a dealer sells you bad shit then buy from another dealer. Sometimes even good dealers will sell a batch of substandard stuff, it's just the nature of street drugs (at least when you're operating at the retail level). It's impossible for anyone here to say with accuracy what you smoked.

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    Is that not essentailly status quo for just about any transaction, dont like something from somewhere go elsewhere? And if im not mistaken you would need a top of tje line scientific lab to get the exact details of any chemical im sorraybe i worded things wrong "is there anyone that has had a similar experience that may have had more resources for a more definitive answer?" Do u understand now?

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    Well yeah, I've had bad meth before. "Crank"-quality powdery shit one time. Usually when that happened I'd say "damn, this meth sucks! This meth isn't as good as that other meth! I feel tired! Shit, why am I buying this shit anyway?"

    But other times I'd get some good meth, and through rigorous product testing (on myself) I'd come to the conclusion that, "damn, this is some good meth!"

    You should learn to trust your own judgment on such matters.

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    Could be high tolerance. The headache effect happens with me once my tolerance starts getting too high. As well as other side effects like lethargy and lightheadedness. These side effects seem to come from vasoconstriction that becomes more prominent with repeated use & rise in tolerance. Or like Burnt Offerings said, poorly synthesized meth is possible. If the methamphetamine was synthesized as racemic (50/50 D/L isomer) I could see that causing a headache, L isomer methamphetamine/amphetamine always gives me a headache but never lethargy.
    Also dehydration and malnutrition could be playing more of a role than you'd think.

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    Well thank you i do appreciate that and i do to a certian extent i.e. "powered or small shards ive gotten before as i stated earlier have rocked " my friends" world as well as melting into yellowish fprms and had it "text book crack back" and not gotten anything from it and uppers arent my #1 go to anyway so im exspecially conflicted over this batch idk y she got "spun out" the first night and a headache the next morning

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    Ive heard of people leaving wet or oily substance on glass over/night under a slow fan to dry it does that sound plausable? Or worth the time i know its tedious but unfortunately streets around here operate on a "no return" policy and it was tested BEFORE she left and she disnt leave till she got tjat warm n fuzzy feeling

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    Sean107 thank you for that input ive considered the possibility of dehydration , malnutrion and lack of sleep to play a role, her first experience with meth was blind she had no idea of the problems those things could cause and was in a new state she had never been in before and after three days was hallucinating and running from all kinds of scary things ended up in a side neighborhood w no recolecetion of how/when or or why she was there got admited to the local hospital and sent to impatient rehab, shes very lucky to even breathe today why she goes back who knows??? But she does try to pay extra attn to these things during on the days prior and after a bienge maybe adding an extra caution wouldnt hurt and the high tolerence effect is the reason sje refulates and only allows herself an occasional treat but i suppose u can build a tolerence regaurdless of time between your body is just one big clock and sceduales are sceduales

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    Your issue seems to be very similar to the stuff a friend ran across yesterday. Watery, leopard spotty, oily light brownish looking. The the first few is how crackback has a definite pinwheel few pinwheels, seems to smoke okay. But zilch on high, zero. I'm not usually a smoker, but in the last few years 7 out of ten bags gave an undesirable feeling, gluey feeling, tired, eyesight won key, mouth feel "picketed" and fingertips and palms got this odd waxy sweaty , just weird feeling... this I was told a few years back that was msm cut in it. Definitely NOT what we should inject for obvious safety reasons, so the roa for this has now gone to smoking this stuff, in glass ball type pipe. But after smoking a .3 last night, I feel crappy tired, headaches and I vomited. I'm just getting so disgusted with my very favorite type of "candy".. and really I'm considering just going on the wagon and quitting this shit for a while. Maybe if it was snorted..? Yuck poo. This war on drugs Is apparently working, better in some areas than others, and I sure miss the good old biker red phosphorus CRANK ...peanut butter crank....back in 1988 it was the bomb!
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    shit just not how it used to be when there was rocket fuel... stuff now a days is just crap with too much cut in... i want some stuff that actually gets me up and moving not the shit that just makes you stuck..

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    LOL people being nostalgic about dual isomer "peanut butter crank" I've seen anything

    Just goes to show how nostalgic drug users are I suppose

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    Damn sounds iffy regardless honestly here in the northwest we have top quality so I never worry unless it's fucking rock salt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burnt Offerings View Post
    It's impossible for anyone here to say with accuracy what you smoked.
    Yeah, we could only guess as to it's authenticity. I'm closing since this is from last year.

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