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    Wright State University have provided some findings from their recent survey of the Bluelight population regarding cannabis and especially cannabis concentrates.

    Please see attached pdf.

    A paper for a journal is currently in preparation, so we will also advise you when that is out!

    (any questions, fire away!!)

    Web Survey Results Summary for posting 12 20 2016.pdf
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    Thanks for sharing this, it's great to see the results of a study questionnaire you've responded to
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    I hope that the positive results of this paper, get to the state of Ohio's government and the kind folks setting up the regulation and treatment of cannabis, for the medical and eventual legal recreational usage in the state. Their (technically legal) status of medical marijuana is in development, but any truthful, positive research will only help the medical community as a whole and raise positive public view of such a wonderful plant. The results came from many places, I'm guessing. I thought there would be a bit more medical related responses. I guess if you look at the big picture, any use is medical in one way or another. Great survey.
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