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    MDMA: Essential Guide
    by Orlando and PuristLove

    with additional writing by Simon and masheadatronic

    Special thanks to babydoc_vic, fairnymph, forgotten, johnboy, MezZedUp and Negro-kitty

    Bluelight has operated continuously since October 1999. During this time, many people have learned everything they know about drugs (and in particular MDMA) from our website. FAQs have been written but some material has been covered in depth while other information has been overlooked. This is forgivable because of the time and effort required to prepare an “essential guide” to MDMA. Even this FAQ, which is over 10000 words long and growing, cannot provide answers to every question. We are optimistic that this guide will provide a way for people to learn the basics about MDMA. Harm reduction is encouraged wherever possible, but hopefully the simple facts will allow people to make more informed decisions about what they put in their body.

    In the past, FAQs sometimes were ignored because they were too disjointed or too tedious to read. This guide is organized to give answers in a succinct and organized manner that does not sacrifice accuracy. The correct terminology is used throughout the guide but slang terms are mentioned at least once to allow for context. Citations are included wherever possible and the reader is free to explore certain topics more in depth. Attempts have been made to clearly distinguish between specific facts, generally accepted information, and speculation. For most people who are new to MDMA, it would be a good use of your time to sit down and spend one hour reading the entire guide. If you are in a hurry, this guide is divided into different sections and you can use the table of contents to go directly to the topic you want.
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