Thread: The End of Tramadol?

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    The End of Tramadol? 
    Last month I placed my usual order for Tramadol online. I've been ordering since 2008 at the same company. I get an email from the owner stating that due to some change in the mail she has to close her store.

    Does anyone know what happened? Tramadol is the only substance I've ever taken that has made me feel normal.
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    You can go on the DNMs and find all the Tramadol you could ever want/need. And it's not all that pricey. You can get 200mg pills for about 1.10 a piece or less, so it's not bad at all. Just gotta know where to look. It's everywhere...
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    DNMs? Sorry, don't know that term!
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    I think DNM means Dark Net Markets, like Silk Road before it was shut down.
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    I don't know what you mean by normal Tramadol is used for pain and inflammation so I don't understand if your meaning that it helps your pain so your leading a normal life while you are taking it or if it's helping your pain but Tramadol is for pain and inflammation and a very very low pain medicine so if it works for you just take your prescription to a pharmacy and have it filled it's really not that expensive the medication if your light through the VA you can call them and they can send it to you I hope this helps some
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    Tramadol is not an anti-inflammatory. It is also now a controlled substance in America, so if you are from there, it is not suprising. This isnt really wiki material anyway and bordering on sourcing.
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    Combining two or three or four or even five codeine (30mg tabs) with up to 250 to 300mgs of Tramadol (50mg quick release caps) with two optizorb (500pana + 65mg caffeine each) with a sugary drink on an empty tummy will give even the hardened opiate user a good level of pain relief within half an hour or a bit sooner. However, if you try this cold, or after a 'reset' and not taking these meds for a few days, it will just send you to sleep for a few hours. Best to start low for best effect really, we are all subtly quite different in the way our bodies handle these substance combo's.
    For pure chronic pain relief i have never found ANYTHING as satisfactory as this codeine/tramal combo . . the fact that it also has a pleasant euphoric psychoactive side-effect that still lets you function in society without too many obvious giveaways that you are 'high' is just a bonus.. (empathy and talkativeness are the giveaways - lol)
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    Thanks for the info
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    Tramadol is considered an opioid in the US according to ky pain dr. He says its a fully synthetic opioid . I was on it way back in the beginning of my pain mngt, and I do remember it had all the suspect qualities. Slight buzzy, euphoric feeling and after a few months it would wake me up at night with RLS if I didnt take my dose on time. Actually, I thought it was good stuff at first and then hated it after awhile because of that. Supposedly it is 1k x less powerful than morphine but it does work as good as low dose vikes imho. If it would cover my pain I might consider it again just because no dr would ever refuse you a refill.
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    IME doctors give it out like candy.

    I ain't gonna tell you how to get it online.

    Sourcing is against the rules and I honestly wouldn't trust an online vendor for pills.

    I see plenty of fake pills on the street.
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