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    Quote Originally Posted by zephyr View Post
    Lol scrof
    Oh. So I open up and share, make myself vulnerable, and get a 'LOL'. Just like with my therapist.

    Quote Originally Posted by zephyr View Post
    OD has always been the on topic be serious dont make small talk stfu noob srs wtf bbq, not general fucking around and chit chatting.
    Yer fuckin right there. Come to OD, you're on my turf, and I don't fuck around. Except when I'm getting trolled, which is most of the time; or there's a meth&masturbation thread, or I'm just inserting random table-formats, or I'm high and in the wrong thread.

    I don't even post in the "social" thread, I'm too busy reducing harm. Only reason I haven't infracted tubbs and BitS so hard their harm becomes negative so it like sucks harm from other people, is because the poor dears don't get one in little old n00b-town BDD. There's the two dozen other social threads, but c'mon Zephyr, when people are dying from abusing their diarrhea medicine, you gotta have a place to vent your pain and anguish, like in an RC benzo thread.
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    Yo, anyone have experience with this?,
    Seems every FUCKING time i tweak now I go fucking loony. Totally loony. Apparently.
    As in about the cops. When I was younger I could kill a whole 8ball stay up 4-5 days and be straight (well i'd be worrying inside you know but not show it..)
    Now it seems that every time I do it, in like 2 days I'm full on seeing shit all that
    Now originally I figured I wasn't loony because my past experience says if you ignore meth psychosis it goes away but I'd ignore the shits and it wouldn't go away
    I just got out from rehab/jail, and i was convinced of a vast conspiracy against me and warrants out on me and all that which ended up with me getting caught tweaking leading to me gettin booked (there were no warrants. i just went in on a probation detainer thats it...)
    I'm not sure if I'm just borderline loony as it is and tweak makes me full loony or (what i thought more likely) is that they WERE after me, past tense being key do you explain that I get super loony now using way lower doses and just blowing it (mostly) as opposed to like when i was 21 when i'd really mainly IV only and i'd kill at least a half gram per night (and i'd blow lines during the day) and I wouldn't get loony/get caught?
    Not sure if i just blew out a few neurons and as a result it makes me loony, because it doesn't matter if i've got months off it and just cop a G, i get loony.
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    ^Same here. In a way the paranoia and *knowing* you're gonna freak out if ya relapse even after a long break, its a blessing. That shit makes it stops being any fun whatsoever anymore. Even small amounts make me get paranoid as fuck for like 3 days. Strangely cocaine works just as well as it always has, altho I didn't put myself thru the ringer with it like I did with meth.

    The weird part about that paranoia/anxiety/psychosis is that it makes no sense whatsoever and rarely has an actual cause or reason beyond, say, having a slightly stressful past few days or something like that. If you keep using even when that keeps happening it'll start sticking around for a few months after every use. It's actually kind of shitty.
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