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    SO needs another mod or two 
    Second Opinion is recruiting. and oh boy, is it an exciting time to be on the staff of SO. we are embracing the subforum's love of arts and rebranding as ...

    Life Advice & Creative Arts

    more on that to come. in the meantime, apply to be a moderator.

    being a Second Opinion moderator is an easy opportunity to both give back and give direction to a community you enjoy. apply today. or by december 26th at the latest.

    please send your application - by PM only - to the SO staff: hydroazuanacaine and sigmond.

    other than helping to run the photo contest, being an SO mod is not too taxing. you do not need to post daily or have a join date from the 90s. if you're unsure if you're a good canidate, go ahead and apply.

    Your duties as a moderator will be:

    • To be an active contributor to the forum, to build forum content, and to add discussion.
    • To check all forum threads for violations of BLUA and forum guidelines and enforce our rules.
    • To respond to reports on threads in SO.
    • To edit, merge, & move threads to appropriate forums and modify posts as required.
    • Other general forum responsibilities.
    • To take part in wider discussions about BL and SO's role.
    • Participate in the photo contest rotation.

    Remember to include the following, but feel free to add more relevant info:

    [1] - Time Zone?

    [2] - Why would you make a good moderator?

    [3] - Tell us about a time you were under a lot of stress and what you did to handle the situation(s).

    [4] - How much time can you dedicate to moderating?

    [5] - What do you think of the state of SO and how can you help to improve it?

    [6] - Are you comfortable enough with the BLUA and SO guidelines to enforce them?

    [7] - Any changes to the SO guidelines you feel would improve the forum?

    or just write us a paragraph or two about why you want to be a mod, taking the above questions as suggested points to address.

    Application deadline is December 26, 2016.

    Thanks and good luck to any and all interested!

    -SO Staff
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    deadline is tomorrow.

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