Thread: MED is seeking a new moderator once again!

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    MED is seeking a new moderator once again! 
    MDMA & Empathogenic Drugs
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    Do you fancy moderating this lovely forum? Now's your chance! Applications are once again being accepted for those interested in helping to moderate MDMA & Empathogenic Drugs.

    Your duties as a moderator will be:

    • To be an active contributor to the forum, to build forum content, add discussion, and to provide level headed advice in regards to safety and harm reduction.
    • To check all forum threads for violations of BLUA and forum guidelines and enforce our rules.
    • To respond to reports on threads in MED.
    • To edit, merge, & move threads to appropriate forums and modify posts as required.
    • Other general forum responsibilities.
    • To take part in wider discussions about BL and MED's role.

    Benefits include:

    • Full access to the staff nudie thread.
    • Additional inbox space.
    • A sense of god-like power.
    • If drugs become legal, you can put it on your resume!

    Please PM your application to our current mods / senior staff:
    severely etarded

    In your application it would be handy to note the following:

    • Your approximate location.
    • The amount of time you spend on BL each day.
    • Any particular interests you have being a moderator in MDMA & Empathogenic Drugs and what you feel you could bring to the forum as a moderator.
    • Any experiences or skills you have that would be of benefit to the forum.
    • Ideas for improvements and/or activities or threads to add to our forum.
    • Why you are interested in MDMA & Empathogenic Drugs.

    (Many thanks to muvolution for this write-up!)

    Closing date around a month, maybe a bit less depending on applications. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask
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    A worthwhile and rewarding endeavour. Good luck to all applicants!

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    I'm usually only here when I'm high on something. I don't think it's me you're looking for. :lol:

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    Re-hire me, I'll make this place great again.

    Not really though.

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    Applications are now closed. We had a few very good applications, thank you everyone. We will debate this and make an announcement in about a week, two weeks tops

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