Thread: Pill info request Brown speckled pikachu logo press CAIRNS

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    Pill info request Brown speckled pikachu logo press CAIRNS 
    got hold of some of these brown pikachu things, only got em coz thought theyd be the ones that are supposedly the bomb.

    bbbuttt no... ah well small loss

    tho does anyone have experience on these things or heard about them

    im in cairns so fuck knows where thy are doing the rounds (no pun)

    - leeroy

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    Hi Leeroy. Unfortunately your thread does not confirm to the PIR Guidelines because you do not supply any of the requisite information about the pill in question. For this reason I am going to have to close the thread. If you can provide the requisite details then PM me and I am happy to reopen this and edit them into your OP.

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