Thread: can someone identify this light green pill with horseshoe?

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    can someone identify this light green pill with horseshoe? 
    sorry I am new and I have googled until I got a mild case of carpel tunnel..does anyone here know what pill this is?

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    Looks like you've got yourself a nice piece of candy lol The stamp doesn't appear to be that of any pharmy company I'm aware of.
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    You have got a pill there not made in a company lab! Prob gonna be a long night of partying if u take this!!
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    This post is from just before new year's eve - I'm sure it's been eaten. Either way, can't really do pill IDs on the site as they can often appear to be something they're not. That's an Omega logo anyway, common on ecstasy pills. What's actually in it? who knows.
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