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    Whatever happened with drugs like Seconal and tuinal? Haven't heard about them in many years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmdm View Post
    Whatever happened with drugs like Seconal and tuinal? Haven't heard about them in many years.

    They are banned in US and EU, theres only Phenobarbital due to zeisures.And short-acting ones are still used in medical settings.Last Year Some states in the US dind't even had Pentobartbital for
    there executions!
    But I like Phenobarbital because it helps almost 100% in a Benzodiazepin-withrawl.Corretc me if I am wrong.
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    Erowid says the two listed in the first post are schedule 2,* but you're saying they're "banned." Perhaps it's a similar situation to cocaine, which is also schedule 2, but "you'd never get any to take home" (used in surgery only) according to a person on The Shroomery. We need more insight into their legality. Also of interest is meprobomate, which is a close variant of barbiturates and is FDA-approved for anxiety, but rarely prescibed and very expensive, from what I understand (probably in the same boat as methamphetamine). Carisoprodol metabolizes into meprobomate, at least parrtially, and is approved as a muscle relaxer. I recently got 80 pills for it from a somewhat liberal pain clinic and here's what I can say about it:

    It's better than all benzos other than perhaps diclazepam, but the effect only lasts for about 45 minutes and it builds tolerance quick, making one need to take multiple pills to get the same effect that one gave you at the beginning. Note that I'm severely depressed (medication free), which probably distorted the effect.

    An older gentlemen I spoke to recently said that he felt Tuinal was on par with methaqualone, but he criticized methaqualone for not lasting that long. He also stated that Tuinal doesn't produce any memory impairment. I didn't ask him about memory impairment and methaqualone.

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