Thread: Has anyone found good CBD e-liquid?

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    Has anyone found good CBD e-liquid? 
    Managed to grab some home made CBD juice. 30ML for £40 which manages to get you nice and chilled. Tried CBD drip max strength but it did nothing, I was still in pain and I wanted to throw my guts up. £25 for 7ml that cost me. Just wondering if anyone's ever got some really nice tasting liquid?

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    Tell me more about the nice and chilled feeling it gives you. I can get some (1/2gram in 10ml) for shy of $100USD but I still cannot figure out what it does. It is supposed to be 'non psychoactive' but is that really the case?

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    Not sure if we wanna ask sources about this kinda stuff, but that may not be what you're doing.. I'm sure there is CBD vape juice out there that tastes good or perhaps its an acquired taste?

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    Find reviews. I personally know of a company that has "OK" tasting juice (HH)... but the CBD quality is great! It's definitely out there.

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